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    Advanced Payment - Switching Over Need Answers!

    jerry-d New Member

      First time visiting this site/forum, I'm a property manager, we have 9 active properties on VRBO, we been on VRBO since 2008.  I had advanced payments with the old processor Yapstone.


      Three weeks ago, I clicked on the link to change over to Homeaway payments because I didn't want to pay 3% to receive our funds. I checked the two boxes and waited, nothing happened.  I called costumer service, she says yes you have been switched, please wait for another email with instructions.  I waited a few weeks and again nothing happened.  I went back to my inbox and found the email and followed the same steps, this time I was able to sign up.  I was able to fill out the W-9 and I uploaded it and then began my wait.  After some more time with no emails, I go into my account to discover that all of my listings were no longer published.  I clicked on one of the listings and they asked for my bank account information, I clicked on the same account that I had before, it was already in the system.  As I added the bank information, the listing was published,  I had to do this 9 times. 


      But what really bothers me is that it appears that I don't have advanced payments, I've called customer support and they say to wait again...  What do I need to do? I'm a professional property manager and our company and clients depend on advanced payments, that is how this business operates! 


      Customer service says I have to wait, I don't believe what they say anymore, can someone please help me get back to advanced payments, asap!  This has been weeks and weeks of frustration!




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          bonesxxx Active Contributor

          Welcome to the party


          There are multiple threads on this topic for your reading enjoyment where many have shared similar sentiments:


          Switching from Yapstone to HA payments? Tread carefully


          Yapstone should die. Painfully.


          Is payment processing going in house with no option for advanced payments? UPDATED 6/2/19: Current information added


          More information on early payout program


          There is no magic to getting on advanced payments but my sense is that, if you had them on Yapstone and have a good track record, you will be among the first to get them.  When?  Nobody knows... it's been the #1 issue in the threads linked above.  Are you sitting down? Because the #2 issue has been that Vrbo/HA can claw back the rent if a guest complains that your listing did not live up to the description... let that sink in for a moment.  And, again, welcome to the party.  It's been a joy.

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              moosebigd Active Contributor

              We had advanced payments on Yapstone but have not opted to pay the additional 3% to receive our money in advance at this time.  We decided it would be better to continue our credit card processing with Yapstone because we are familiar with them.  When HA works out the kinks in their payments platform, maybe we will switch. 


              We were invited to join the HA  payments platform when the announcements were first made, but were informed that we were not eligible for advanced payments.  We are a PP and have a good track record (ranked 368/11,185).  We haven't heard anything from HA  since.  So, Jerry-d, welcome to the ranks of the uninformed!  And, Bonesxxx, I would like to believe your theory about being considered for HA advanced payments but it certainly doesn't hold true in our situation!

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              green_mango Active Contributor

              With 9 listings can't you do integrated payments to use your own processor? 

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                koko Active Contributor

                Dear Jerry,

                I have read your words and can only tell you that you are not alone.

                Like you I did the switch, was told I had advanced payment after providing the banking info and was only worried about the chargebacks and complaints which will surely come.

                The last guest did an instant booking and I am told now this:

                Haase payout.jpg


                If 7-14 days after payment is "advanced" or "preferred" than I think it is clear that HA/Expedia will get their cut one way or the other.

                It is evident that the monies are held a minimum of 7 days which constitutes a heck of a float.


                This along with no answers to the question

                On what grounds would a guest receive a refund after check-in?

                This question was marked answered without ANY explanation to that most important topic.

                I am feeling pushed into something without having any control or even information about what this something actually is.

                On top of it Yapstone is playing games with the bookings they have and no one will say - yes, you can take them away from Yapstone and process them differently.


                And telling at the same time.

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                  jerry-d New Member

                  Thanks for the explanation everyone! 


                  So much uncertainty and not in our hands, pretty much sums it up!


                  I will take a look at those links, I was kind of hoping for an answer here from someone who works for VRBO??

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                    bluesunset New Member

                    Thanks everyone for this information although limited because we all have questions with no proper answers. I have a 5 star Premier property and I noticed lately (1 month) that I was not receiving any bookings, any inquiries, etc. and I am usually booked for this time of year. Then I started to receive emails from YapStone saying thanks for opting in and I started to get bookings. I then get a email from HA saying the YapStone email was sent in error?? and that I would have the option to opt in with their payment processing but it still appears that HA are still going to charge the 3% for advanced payment. So it appears that YapStone and HA are both going to get 3% for advanced payment. I am not happy with this at all. I have rentals that book one year in advance for prime season worth thousands of dollars and they get to sit on this money for a year and make money off of it. They should be giving me interest on my money and not charging a 3% advanced payment fee. Something is very wrong with this situation and when I call they cannot answer any questions properly. There is a Corporate battle going on we are losing bookings and our advanced payments. Advance payments is not a correct term because the renter has paid already. No one is advancing me any money because the renter has already paid.

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                        erika Contributor

                        It's been one of my suspicions that they are trying to see if they can pull off the 3% added extortion ... and your experience suggests that intuition is correct.


                        the silence here is deafening and wow they simply do not seem to care that they are alienating their most loyal long term owners.


                        I called in to customer service yesterday. The guy was very nice but clearly reading from some ridiculous corporate script. I was told I'd get a call back from a manager. Never came. The guy had been fielding calls all day from people ****** off about this.


                        And just look ... they don't care. We have asked over and over again here for the moderators to respond to the concerns, to put the "reassurances" (which were later withdrawn surreptitiously) into the contract, to stop playing games and treat their owners with respect.


                        And just look ... The forum here says it all. It appears all they care about is scraping every last penny from the owners and have absolutely no interest in making this right.


                        As well, for many of us who have concentrated rental income in the last two weeks of the year - with all those bank holidays and what not - they are making a major shift in the timing of income that has potentially extreme tax consequences.


                        But they don't care. I am really really really angry.

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                        db.meyer Senior Contributor

                        Everyone, please check out Houfy.com where YOU are in control of your guest communications, inquiries, bookings, payments, etc.  YOU personally will need to participate in the marketing and promotion of your rental/listing (easy referral for repeat guests, using for your Google my Business website link, Facebook Page link, etc. etc.).  You too can have control of your vacation rental business and payments again, like in the "olden" days on Vrbo.  You are currently paying Vrbo $$$$ for the "marketing" of your property, which is likely needed for now/as you transition to #bookdirect alternatives such as houfy.com, but in return for that "marketing" of your home, you have lost any control over the business practices you want and need when listing with Vrbo/OTAs.  Instead of complaining here, take the time to investigate and promote the fee-free alternatives. The peace of mind alone is worth the "extra" effort required.  The #bookdirect movement is gaining in momentum. Where do YOU want to spend your time - complaining here "in the wind" or taking that time to promote alternative sites/options where YOU are in control of your home, your business, your payments, and most importantly your "peace of mind"? And once again, in case you didn't know, Houfy.com is and will always be "free" to list your home (no subscription nor PPB fees), and NO fees to guests.

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                          erika Contributor

                          Can anyone recommend a software for building a vacation rental site that is NOT a monthly subscription. I already have website hosting and payment processing. Just to make it easier to build a site on my own domain.