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    Guest inquired on a payment invoice, and I noticed it says it was sent by "Property" instead of actual owner's name

    scowol Active Contributor

      I just had a guest inquire about a payment request that they were sent.  Unrelated to their question, I noticed that the email sent to the guest now says it was signed by "Property."    I know that there's been questions to HA about HomeAway "signing" the actual owner's name on emails that are system generated.  However, unless this is a glitch, instead of my name, it now says it was sent by "Property."  See image below.  Is anyone aware of this change, or have you also seen this?


      Annotation 2019-09-05 085423.png


      Anyhow, I know having the owner's name removed from system-generated emails has been a recurring request.  If this is indeed an updated way of HA/Vrbo signing the emails, the last sentence would make more sense to remove "let me know..." and instead say "Please contact the owner if you have any questions regarding your stay."     Or even better yet, remove that sentence entirely.