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    Rate editor - dumb!

    lakensea Contributor

      I know this is old stuff, but I guess I never really paid attention to it until now. I am a true weekly vacation rental property with a nice even weekly amount.   A guest asked me if my nightly rate was correct (which it was not).  Not knowing what he was talking about I accessed my rates and I guess I now have the new rate editor!  All I see is a calendar with nightly rates, with now no way to simply enter my weekly rates.  I never realized just how bad this rate editor is.  I won't even ask if it's possible to go back to the old rate editor - I already know HomeAway won't do anything to help me.  This just makes more work for me.


      Between losing my alternate payments next month with a 3% additional cost to me, and most likely having to wait up to a year for my funds (nobody can tell me if I'll qualify for "early payments"), it's getting less & less cost effective to have guests book through HomeAway.

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          lakensea Divide your weekly rate by 7 since you have to use daily rates. When you enter the rates, on the right side of you screen make sure you enter you minimum stay, if you have a check in/out day enter it and at the bottom make sure you do not have any discounts entered. Once that is done at the top right of the rates calendar check for discounts again. Rate Settings>Base rate & discounts, here you must check for weekly and monthly discounts.

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            ohst8er Premier Contributor

            Hi lakensea, you can still have a weekly rate, it just looks a little different than it used to.  As margaret said, take your weekly rate and divide by 7.  If you have an odd number either round up, or down, to the nearest dollar.  I wasted alot of time trying to get my daily rate to reflect my previous weekly rate, then I had an ahah!  duh! moment and realized the rate of whatever VRBO was showing me was the rate I needed for my daily.  BUT BE SURE TO MAKE THE CHANGE.  MY weekly rate at the time was $1599.00.  That translates to a perfectly lovely daily rate of $228.4285714....  The calendar showed the daily rate was now $228, but the behind the scenes rate that was being used for computation was $228.43.  Messy.  So after much unneeded belaboring I realized that that $228 rate WAS the rate I wanted to use, and it made my weekly rate $1596.00.  I decided I liked that number better than $229 x 7 = $1603.00.  Your choice which way you want to of course. 


            Then, again as Margaret said, set your check in/check out day to Saturday (or whichever day of the week you went), and your minimum night stay to 7.  The beauty of this is, say you have a couple weeks that are sitting empty, you are close in and you want to try to get them to book, you can choose, just for those two weeks, to make them a 3 night minimum, and/or lower the rate to capture a booking, without altering the rest of your rate period.  Conversely, if you have only two weeks left and they are HOT weeks, you can bump the rate UP, again without altering the rest of your rate period. 


            Lucky for you, there's been alot of people who have had the opportunity to use this long before it hit your page, so feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

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              countrygirl212 New Member

              Even if you qualify for early payments.. you might want to pay the extra 3% and wait a month or so to see how this is all panning out over on this side of the fence. 


              There are a few other unexpected surprises while they are rolling out the new system.  Which if they continue to get good constructive feedback, they could come up with better solutions. 


              Ever business get about 80% of it's revenue from about 20% of their clients .... in our case owners.   HA / VRBO doesn't have a business if they let those 20% get mad and leave.  HA is in crisis mode right now... if you can only book out 11 months and tell others to message you about dates they want in the future, and see what is ironed out in a few weeks you might be better for it. 


              ps  There was an email that you would have gotten about the time of the change.  There is wording about the number of days it might be to see if you qualify for advanced payments.... that email is what determines if you are in the first round of upgrades or not. 

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                hmmmm Senior Contributor

                Oh i am with you on the new rate calendar.   I know lots of people like it, but its not as clear cut for me as the other one.

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                  georgygirl1955 Senior Contributor

                  i agree it has comlicated things

                  and I cant see what is inputted.

                  pretty difficult to use