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    Ruh-Roh! Disbursed Amount is Wrong....

    feibus Senior Contributor

      The new Vrbo Payments for Florida, I have state collected/remitted by Vrbo, but county is collected and sent to me to remit.

      That worked great with Yapstone, first payment collected the full sales tax, the county tax was sent to me as part of first payment.

      With my first Vrbo Payments disbursement, county and state tax were collected, neither were sent to me.  This is a change, but was it an intentional change?  When will I get the county taxes and why are they being withheld?  In case of cancellation, what will happen to that money, since I have a "no refunds" policy?


      samantha_ha or one of the mods, I have a case open (#23167957) and requested escalation, CS doesn't know the answer to this, can you get one?  Thanks!