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    Dear VRBO - How does partnering with a company like Yapstone reflect on you?

    rfpenny New Member

      Dear VRBO,


      I would like to personally express my displeasure with this sudden and EXPENSIVE change to our payment processor agreement. To suddenly change the agreement and DOUBLE the cost of a service we have been using for years is absurd and downright dishonest. You like to phase it as a "free" service, that is no longer free... because of an "industry standard" that you just set yourself? A six percent credit card service fee to receive your payments when they are made, in addition to the service fees you already charge guests and subscription/pay-per-bookings fees charged to owners as well. Where do you think this money is coming from?


      I have worked with Yapstone in other capacities as an owner of a property management company, and there is no company that I distrust more. They have surpassed Comcast as the most hated company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. As you likely know, that is an incredible feat.

      They may say this advanced payments feature is for "our protection" - yet believe me, when there is a chargeback against you, you'll get an additional fee and your money taken away until YOU prove it was valid (EVEN when the charge was valid and the guest was wrong, you still won't get the initial fee refunded). What they're really doing is saying they want to hold OUR money and collect interest on it until they HAVE to remit it to the owner.


      HomeAway and VRBO, by choosing shady partners like Yapstone, are showing that YOU do not care about guests or owners and only the bottom line. We have been with HomeAway/VRBO since very early on, but you’re pushing your loyal customers away to the competitors that are at least clear and consistent and don’t partner with horrible third party service providers.


      I hope this feedback does not fall on deaf ears, but who am I kidding??


      A formerly loyal property owner.