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    Switching from Yapstone to HA payments?  Tread carefully

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      So, fully upfront.. I am already switched over.  I already have advanced payments.  I'm all set.


      Yesterday I got an email from Yapstone.   This isn't new information for me (or anyone else), I had already received this same email last week, the reason I am posting it here is because I got this AFTER I finished completing all the steps with HA, and was told I'm all set. 


      Dear ______________


      We are writing to advise you of a change to your Yapstone Advanced Payments feature.  After careful review of competitive payment offerings, we have discontinued Advanced Payments as a free service.  Effective today, your payment account is being converted from Advanced Payments service to Check-In service (See, Yapstone Check-In Payments Terms).  We sincerely apologize for this short notice and appreciate the impact on your cashflow. We know that this is a valued feature of Yapstone and that it distinguishes us from competitors.  So, we have created a quick way for you to resume the Advanced Payments feature.


      HomeAway customers who want to resume getting the benefits of advanced payments can do so at a cost of 3% per transaction (in addition to the standard processing fee) for the new service.  By opting into the fee-based service below, you agree to the fees and terms. To opt-in, click the button below..




      So, I called HA and confirmed, and yes, I definitely have HA advanced payments.  To get myself removed from marketing, I needed to call Yapstone.  This is where it gets messy, so hang with me.    I called Yapstone JUST TO TURN OFF THE MARKETING, RIGHT?    I told the person that I am now with HA advanced payments, and that  I need to... .. they immediately interrupted me to "sell me" on their advanced payment program.  Tried again, I'm now on HA advanced payments and.... and they immediately interrupted me to try to sell me, AGAIN.  No, please listen, I have already LEFT Yapstone.  I'm ALREADY MOVED OVER TO HA.  I just want to turn off the marketing info. 


      Oh, then we need to delete your profile.  Ok, yea, that sound great, let's do that.  BUT WAIT... before we do that, I need to confirm something, I have about 6 bookings that I still need to receive final payment for, and they are all with Yapstone.  Who will handle the 2nd payment?  Oh, those will all go over to HA now.  Are you SURE?  Oh yes!  (I asked atleast 3 times and got the same answer.)  Me, OK GREAT, let's delete my profile then! 


      They needed to send me a deactivation email.  Received, and my jaw hit the floor.  Stay with me folks... (emphasis in the letter below is mine)




      Rosebert L. (HomeAway Payments)

      Aug 27, 2:22 PM PDT



      Good day! Thank you for using HomeAway Payments, the leading online payment processor for the vacation rental industry.


      We regret to hear that you want to deactivate HomeAway Payments processing services on your vacation rental property and we hope you consider changing your mind. Without our payment processing services, your travelers will not be able to use the integrated credit card or checking account payment options on your listing(s), and you will not be able to process refunds through your HomeAway/VRBO dashboard. Additionally, the "Book It" button will be removed from your listing(s) and if your listing is set for Pay-Per-Booking, your property listing will also be deactivated.


      If you still wish to deactivate HomeAway Payments, please complete the DocuSign Form in the link below and submit it to confirm your decision. We will then initiate the process of deactivating your payment profile in our system.


      Property Deactivation Form


      Please note if you need to reactivate your online payment account with HomeAway Payments at a later stage, you will be asked to go through our on-boarding process and reapply for service.


      Should you need any further assistance, feel free to visit our support section on vacationrentpayment.com.


      Thank you for contacting us.
      Have a wonderful day!


      Rosebert L. | Customer Support | Yapstone


      I read this on my phone, then immediately ran to my laptop so I could read it while I called VRBO.  They were as perplexed by the letter as I was.  I sent it to CS, they are going to follow up with Yapstone.  Meanwhile, I asked about the payments that are still to come on my existing bookings.  THOSE WILL ALL BE PROCESSED BY YAPSTONE! I think that was already discussed on here, but unfortunately the folks who aren't on the community will get some pretty unfortunate advice from Yapstone.  So, I will NOT delete my profile, I will just let this play out.  Today still, I got a follow up email from Yapstone about deactivating my listing, so it turns out I've opened up a tiny can of worms that I need to now close.