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    Yapstone should die.  Painfully.

    feibus Senior Contributor

      This just showed up in my inbox:

      A message from Yapstone (also known as VacationRentPayment)
      Your payment provider for HomeAway Payments:

      Hello XXXX,

      We are writing to advise you of a change to your Yapstone Advanced Payments feature.  After careful review of competitive payment offerings, we have discontinued Advanced Payments as a free service.  Effective today, your payment account is being converted from Advanced Payments service to Check-In service (See, Yapstone Check-In Payments Terms).  We sincerely apologize for this short notice and appreciate the impact on your cashflow. We know that this is a valued feature of Yapstone and that it distinguishes us from competitors.  So, we have created a quick way for you to resume the Advanced Payments feature.

      HomeAway customers who want to resume getting the benefits of advanced payments can do so at a cost of 3% per transaction (in addition to the standard processing fee) for the new service.  By opting into the fee-based service below, you agree to the fees and terms. To opt-in, click the button below..

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