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    Rates Editor - inputting discounted short breaks

    paulagray New Member

      Hi, I am a Property Owner based in the UK and have 3 rental properties.  I haven't been notified of a change in the rates input process, maybe I need to sign in every day to see what's happening but I'm a bit busy doing other things (sorry for the sarcasm).  I have just tried to put in my 2020 rates and see that the Rates Editor has changed.  I have two problems and wondered if anyone else has been able to overcome them.


      1) During the winter months we accept short breaks with a minimum stay of 3 nights arriving and departing any day of the week.  The more nights you stay the better the nightly rate as we apply a % to the weekly rate, e.g. 3 nights is 80% of the weekly rate and 4 nights is 90% etc.  As I use percentages fixed rates (even if you can change them depending on the day of the week) don't work for me.  However, I have seen a Property Manager (company) who operate in my area being able to offer the % variation I use to offer for their properties.  Therefore, it must be achievable (even with a couple of tweaks) but Customer Service have said it can't be done.


      2) We allow upto 2 dogs stay at our properties, at a fee of £20 per week or part thereof.  The new system only allows the fee to be charged per night or per stay.  Would it be reasonable to put in the description that the rate is as I have it and any additional fees not included in the booking will be collected when they arrive or will I be able to amend it when a booking request comes through, in which case that removes the instant booking option for my properties.


      Any help would be gratefully received.