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    Removing Blocked Dates via the HA APP

    bonesxxx Active Contributor

      Does anyone know if you can remove blocked dates via the app?


      I've found myself needed to do this on a few occasions and the only option is 'cancel reservation'.


      I think I made this mistake before and it took an act of Congress for customer service to remove the 'cancelled reservations' hit to my rankling metrics - even though it was a block and not a 'real' reservation.


      I know everyone will say "don't use the app" but I'd really like know definitively if this will count as a cancelled rezzy.


      Thanks all,

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          3seasbeach Contributor

          bonesxxx Login to your owner app on your smart phone.

          Click on the "calendar" button at the bottom.

          Go to the dates you have blocked, use your finger to select the date or date range that is blocked.

          This will place a blue line around those dates.

          At the bottom of the screen you will see a blue bar indicating the selected dates.

          Tap on the blue bar with your finger.

          This will bring up a new screen that shows the dates with "blocked" written under them.

          Tap the dates with your finger.

          A new screen comes up, you can then tap the "Cancel Reservation" button at the bottom to unblock those dates.


          I use the phone app more than I use my laptop.  I have blocked and unblocked dates quiet a lot, and it has never affected my cancellation metrics.