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    Anyone else recently having a problem receiving payments?

    floridaluxuryhomesgroup New Member

      Is anyone else recently experiencing problems receiving payments or having their checking account info being deleted? I've used HomeAway for 10 years and have never had this happen. They are holding over $40,000 dollars of mine and keep telling me to reenter the payment info, which I’ve tried to do multiple times. I keep getting a system error.


      It has been multiple weeks of me calling and no one in support can pass me to any management or help, they just give me more case numbers, which I have eight now.  I’ve tried reaching out on twitter, I’ve tried LinkedIn, I’ve been on the phone with support for 2 hours every day, I have even tried sending a 33-page document regarding my payment set up. It bounced back because they “changed locations” and no one can give me an address. I just want to get this resolved :-( One of the many customer service reps said this was affecting others too?