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    Drop in # of reviews from departing guests

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      I know we've discussed this before, and my answer has always been, I get reviews from about 98% of my guests.  Well, that recently changed.  I have not gotten ANY reviews from the past 5 guests.  Really weird!   Anyone else notice a drop off in guest reviews? 

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          kmcbhense Contributor

          With the complete VRBO mess right now review wise, I personally think they should just "freeze" it temporally until they can get things properly working again. I don't know about others, but the "quality" of guest we are now getting thru VRBO is not near as great as in the past. I personally think its because we don't have the hands on interaction with guests before they book. If they get to know us personally most of the time that are just going to be better. Take the owner out of equation, and having VRBO being the middleman just isn't working. Its really so frustrating on our end, leading us to consider moving up our timeline for getting out.

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              ohst8er Premier Contributor

              I get your point, but I don't think it's that.  I use IB and have for some time.  I am also one of those owners who NEVER lost the ability to interact with guests before they book, so I am able to email and call and vet like I always have since the beginning. 


              I haven't changed the way I do business, and I have great guests.  But my great guests just aren't leaving reviews lately.   Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. 

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              christinel New Member

              I've noticed the same thing this summer. In the past almost all of my guests left reviews and this summer...none. Directly to me in emails or over the phone they tell me how happy they are with my property but for some reason they are choosing not to write a review when VRBO prompts them. Could it be the new VRBO review system?

              On a related note, this summer feels different. Guests are leaving my and other area properties messier this year (so says my cleaner). And filling the weeks this year was more difficult when in the past I've always have far more people wanting to book than I had weeks available.

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                margaret CommunityAmbassador

                This is being discussed on another owner forum. An owner who did a test reservation, discovered when she click on the review link she got a 404 error message. I would imagine as a guest, once they get that message they will move on and not leave a review.

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                    calicalling Active Contributor

                    I have had 2 guests tell me that in the last 2 weeks. Rreasons to diversify ... when they can't review on VRBO/HA, I direct them to my website, FB pages, or google business.


                    The downside, of course, is that I don't get a review credit toward my ranking metrics. But I've pretty much given up on RM. I just do what I do. If that earns me credit with VRBO/HA, great. If not, well. Whatever.

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                    u0999 Premier Contributor

                    Be careful what you ask for. The renters are getting picker towards property/owner while themselves being less than stellar. I just had one that I have not heard a peep from (even though we advise to inspect cabin upon arrival and contact us and give opportunity remediate any issue). Lo and behold, she leaves me a 3 star review with litany of things , some of which may be valid but not significant, and others may be matter of implied unmet expectations. Reading it one would think my place is just mediocre, while prior reviews are glowing.  I rather have no review than one like this that will tank my bookings.

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                      db.meyer Senior Contributor

                      Does anyone have a copy of the email and/or text that HA/Vrbo sends to the guests before or upon their departure?  I got an email yesterday to return the security deposit the day before they left!  I just received notice that today's departing guests left a review within 30 minutes of departure.  I've never had that happen and am a little nervous, especially in light of what u0999 just wrote above.  That was my initial reaction - this can't be good!  Anyone want to wager if it's a positive or negative review?  I'm waiting until I email them as I usually do to get their private feedback, before I rate them and have the review immediately published.

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                        1500main Contributor

                        Could it be that you have more "Expedia" Guests?

                        As I understand it, they are not able to leave a Review if booked through Expedia.

                        Which seems stupid given the parent company, but that is what it is.


                        I can never tell if I have an "Expedia" Guest vs someone from VRBO or HA.

                        I've had several Guests with "Expedia Member" under their Name when you look at a Conversation and they were able to leave reviews.

                        Or it will say "Recommended by Partners" (?)

                        Main InBox List and Reservations list will show they are from VRBO or HA so it is very confusing.


                        People could also be suffering from "Review BurnOut" as everywhere you shop wants you to Review Everything All.The.Time.