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    Anonymous Guest from HAUS

    1500main Contributor

      Guest checked out at 11 am on August 6

      Another Guest checked in later that same day.

      For the entire day, my Reservations list showed BOTH Guests (with their names) as "Staying"

      When I looked in the Reviews (beta) section, I saw that the Guest that Checked out was listed as "Anonymous" despite their full name being visible everywhere else on the Dashboard.


      So I let it sit for a day thinking it is just a glitch that would resolve itself as that Guest's name still appears in my In Box and on the Reservations list, although now they are a "Past" Guest.


      My Dashboard asks me to "Rate this guest" and gives their true name, but under the REVIEWS (beta) section, I still get what you see in this screenshot.

      Anyone else seeing something like this?

      Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 9.19.01 PM.png