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    There is evidently a glitch with number of Views showing?

    scooby Contributor

      My recent issues have all been resolved with the exception of number of Views on my listings.  I tried to explain to CS however the Representative didn't quite "get it".  She explained what views are.  Really?  Every day for at least 3 weeks now, my number of Views states "Great Find! This property is usually booked", which means zero views; however, I've been responding to Inquiries and had a couple of bookings, so I know for a fact that someone VIEWED my listings!  When I received my monthly email it showed a total number of views for the previous month, yet 0 show for each day of the month.  Is this another glitch? 


      This might seem as a minor issue but I actually go by these numbers as to whether I'll change my thumb nail photo or not.  I've noticed a lot of listings have no views yet a couple of them got a potential booking of mine.  Hmmm.