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    Did anyone else receive an email from Homeaway that said Welcome to Homeaway Payments?

    ponokai Contributor

      I received this email on July 26th.


      Homeaway Logo

      Welcome to HomeAway Payments


      Now you can accept online bookings

      Disbursement type: Advanced

      Payments are disbursed once your guests have submitted their payment. Funds will arrive in your bank account three to seven business days later (settlement times vary by bank). Please keep this email for your records.


      HomeAway Payments has partnered with VacationRentPayment for payments processing to bring you the simplest, most secure online payment platform for your listing. They will be sending you another email with more information.

      If you need further help, please visit our Payments FAQ

      How does it work?

      Online booking made simple

      Potential guest provide their info and prepaid reservation request upfront
      You have 24 hours to contact the guest to get more information if necessary
      Edit the quote if needed or decide to accept or decline the reservation request
      If you take no action within 24 hours, the system will auto decline the reservation

      Policies and agreements

      Review your cancellation policy and optionally add a rental agreement

      Cancellation policy

      By default, your cancellation policy has been set to 30 days. We recommend that you set the cancellation policy to fit your needs and to reflect your rental agreement (if you have one).

      Rental agreement

      While not required, we strongly recommend that you have a basic agreement to cover your basic operating procedures. Our Community has great resources available if you need examples of what other owners are doing.

      Learn more

      I'm so happy that my Disbursement type is still "Advanced" payments. With all the chatter going on about a change in Homeaway's payment structure from advanced to 24 hours after the guest checks, my assigned payment type was a huge relief.