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    Best sheets? Different colors by size? Bamboo sheets?

    myhouseyourhouse Contributor

      Our rental sleeps 20 ppl. Most bedrooms have a twin and a queen bed. Currently we have all white sheets. I use fabric markers to color code the different sizes by making  colored squares on the bottom edge of the flat sheet and on the elastic of the fitted sheet.  It is not hard to find the markings on the flat sheets, but it’s kind of a pain to tell the fitted sheets apart without unfolding them after they have been folded.  When you are trying to do a turnover, time is of the essence, so I have thought about having different colors of sheets based on size. Because the beds are in the same room, I’m not sure I would like how it would look to have differ colored sheets in the same room. I guess I could keep to white pillowcases for all beds so at least the pillows would all match.



      Also, our sheets are all cotton. I have read some about sheets that are a combination of bamboo and microfiber and wonder if any of you have purchased those. I need to buy a new set of sheets, and I’m thinking about Sam’s Club. We belong to Sam’s Club, so would appreciate feedback about their sheets.


      Any thoughts or advice? Many thanks!

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          bonesxxx Active Contributor

          I purchased these on Amazon almost 2 years ago and they are still going strong.  Available in 12 colors.



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            wildiris Active Contributor

            My personal preference is for all the sheets to be white.  Like you, the beds in my rental are either twin or queen.  All the twin sheet sets are solid white.  All the queen sets are a white damask stripe.  Not only does this make it easy to differentiate between sheet sizes, it also makes it easy to tell which direction the sheets should go when making a queen bed.


            I have never tried bamboo & microfiber sheets.  Although bamboo fabric "breathes," microfiber fabric doesn't.  That could be a problem for people who tend to get hot while sleeping.

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              green_mango Active Contributor

              I've not liked the bamboo or microfiber sheets - in my own home they haven't held up well.  My favorites are the Fieldcrest line available at Target, though pricey (but currently on sale!) - next up Target's "Threshold" line of vintage feel sheets are a great lower priced option.  I have king and twin sheets (all white) and instead of marking them I simply store them in different bins that are labeled (king/twin).

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                mvphawaiicondo Contributor

                First off I want to talk about sheet brands.  So many places to find great sheets.  A couple of years ago I would have told you Performance Sheets from Target.  Now mind you, I still use them and I still love them.  They are 100% cotton and have this awesome double elastic on the bottom which you just have to see to believe and know what I'm talking about.  They are not cheap considering they are from Target but I'm happy with them.  I buy them for my vacation rental and for my own home......but....recently I went to another vacation rental and OMG...the sheets there were amazing.  I took the whole bed apart to find the maker of the sheets.  I can tell you this...they will be the next sheets that I buy.  I loved them so much that I almost want to throw all of my sheets away just to buy them.  I just can't see myself doing this so I'm secretly hoping that my Target Performance sheets get holes or get stained or they prematurely wear out so I can go buy these sheets that were amazingly soft and thick and luxurious.  What are these sheets you ask....They are Charter Club sheets from Macy's.  I didn't know sheets could feel so good.  They are expensive though.  They do go on sale for 50% off and when they have those extra coupon days I'm going to be buying some.  They are so amazing.  I hope someone will try them and tell me what you think. 


                Regarding colors...I do like the idea of that of wildiris of one size sheet being plain and the other size being a white on white stripe.  As for me I have a 3 bedroom condo with two queen beds and one king bed.  One queen and the king have ivory sheets and the other queen has white sheets.  I write on the foot and at the head of the fitted sheets (near the elastic) "queen" or "King" in large letters with a Sharpie.  I write K or Q on the hem of the flat sheets with Sharpie.  If you write this smack in the middle of the hem, you should be able to see it if you fold your sheets right.