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    Update 7/26/19 -Check your listings! Yapstone banking info being removed, listings deactivated, forced to enroll in HA Payments to reactivate listings, other issues.

    db.meyer Senior Contributor

      7/26/19 - Update:

      For anyone on payment "Upon Check In" rather than with "Advance Payments", this is a critical part of the agreement (terms and conditions) with the new HA Payments Powered by HomeAway, and also similar verbage in the HomeAway Payments Powered by Yapstone for payment "Upon Check In", which is actually payment 24 hours after arrival Unless the guest complains per the new agreement text copied below:


      "Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event a Guest provides correct notice to the website the Property was booked through within 24 hours of the scheduled check in that the "Property is not as described, or there is some other issue with the Property, You authorize us to return the Accommodation Fees to the Guest."

      Read 2nd paragraph of this section in following link:   1.6 Fraud and Risk Reviews and Settlement Timeline.



      7/23/19 - Original Thread Information:

      I do a daily search on my location to ensure my listing appears.  It was no where to be found today, even when entering my listing # in the search box.  After much time spent on my dashboard, I finally found this note on my "My Account" then "Property Details" (what??):


      I immediately called HA Customer Support and was told that I needed to enter my banking details in order for my listing to go live.  What? That information was there yesterday when Yapstone used it to make a deposit to my account (I hope the $$$$ makes it to my bank).  After much back and forth she finally admitted that some owners' bank account information was removed and that we are now required to re-enter our bank account details in order to enroll in HA Payments and to re-activate our listings.  I won't bore you with all the details, but expressed my concerns that affected owners were not advised IN ADVANCE of this requirement, removal of our listings, etc. and that it was just by chance I learned of this important change and was concerned about all the other owners not aware that their listings were no longer active. She said she did not know when owners will be advised but an email should be going out.


      So, being forced to re-enter my "removed" bank account information to enroll in HA Payments, my listing is now active again. I am still in the process of verifying that other listing details and settings were not changed without my knowledge nor consent during this reactivation process.  Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed is that my earliest 5 years of 5* reviews are no longer there.  I am now in the process of addressing that.

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