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    cancellation, payment, refund, reversal of payment

    surgerygalore Contributor

      hello everyone

      couldn't find anything addressing specifically this problem with up to date unequivocal information



      patient made an inquiry in November 2018 for June 2019 for 4 pax

      aft a couple of messages back and for, she decided to instead reserve for September 2019

      unknown to me, and probably to her, she entered the reservation for 2 pax only

      i perused through the reservations, calendars, etc. a couple of days ago when we were notified that the general population was switched to the new rates platform

      noticed then she had entered a reservation for 2 pax, my rate structure throughout being 2 pax rate plus x EUR per night per pax for any guest above 2

      i informed guest she would have to edit reservation to 4 pax, and that it would entail an extra nominal payment for teh two extra guests - rates were unchanged since nov 2018

      she instead cancelled the reservation on teh grounds that owner was adding extra fees

      her cancellation falls in teh zero refund period as per my settings



      1. Her second payment was not made - lease specifically states i am - si is it enforceable in any realistic term ?

      2. Her first payment i should be able to keep - yet i remember extensive activity in this forum circa Holiday Rental Payments (only mandatory payment manager for my market) just immediately refunds payments upon request from traveler's credit card bank:

      2.1 is there any role we as owners play in the process, i.e. is our position heard and verified prior to withdrawing funds from our accounts and

      2.2 does HA/VRBO play any support role in terms of documentation in the process?


      alea tracta est! Best&thks for your insight/knowledge/experience