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    Ghost Booking? Please help me

    ktorisbeachrentals Contributor

      Never had this happen before.  I woke up to three instant bookings this morning from last night.  All imported into Owner Rez like usual.  Name and dates imported.  When I went to VRBO to look for them the first two were fine, but the third one was not there.  There was no reservation in VRBO for that person.  Only the block that was created by Owner Rez synching back to VRBO.  I called VRBO and they could not find a booking under this person's name anywhere.  It came from somewhere.  She booked the 5 day gap I had open this month.  So I am thinking someone booked and got lost in the system.  If I cannot find her I cannot process her booking!  Or is there even a booking.  Will she show up in a few days saying she booked but I don't have anything?  I do not want to leave those dates blocked if there is no booking. HELP!!!


      Oh and when I enter the ical link into google calendar, there she is again!