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    Downside to not having phone numbers before booking

    hmmmm Senior Contributor

      I have been with the Homeaway family since 2003, with a total of 30 years in the STVR business.

      When HomeAway changed their platform from a advertising platform to a booking platform my reservations dropped off.


      I am a "girl scout" in my management style.   I had many offers to take reservations off line, but never once did I do so.
      I had a contract with HomeAway and I felt that I gave my word to honor it.  Just as I expect my guests to honor their contract with me.

      I have had up to 8 rentals with HA and now down to 6.

      My wording on site, was very clear, that I wanted everyone to call before booking, so as to vet them, then stated right after that I take all reservations from Homeaway through their site.  We live in a densely populated area of San Diego, Mission Beach, and my way of protecting my community and my rentals was to pre-vet.  I am quite good after 30 years of asking the right leading questions.


      A while back, someone at HA, felt that they did not like my wording, and eliminated my ability to vet before booking not really looking at any evidence, but just in one click passed judgement on me, changing my ability to book responsibly.  Now, I know they did not have reason suspect that I had cheated them in any way, due to the fact that I never did.


      But, what I have found, is that with out the phone numbers I am unable to pre-vet them, but just as importantly I am unable to sell them on my property.  I know for sure that I lost two recent inquires, due to the fact that I could not call.  I am also pretty good and reeling them in.


      So, I post this, with such frustration, of doing the right thing for years, and now find myself, struggling to vet, book or reel in great vacationers.


      Thanks for listening.