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    Has anyone seen this before?

    sanlord Active Contributor

      I had a guest check-out last week.  They reserved through VRBO and paid with a credit card issued by their local bank.  After paying the final payment their local bank was bought out by a large bank and all their account numbers were changed.  Their deposit was charged through the no longer valid credit card.  She contacted me about the deposit and I called CS who gave me a number for her to call.  She spoke with someone from Yapstone and they told her they could not take her new CC info for the deposit refund and if it had not been refunded after 2 weeks to call me for the refund - I don't have the money, they do!  I then suggested she call her bank and they said it MIGHT get credited to her new CC but they weren't sure.  Has anyone encountered this before and if so, how was it remedied!


      She is quite upset with both VRBO and her bank and luckily not with me, yet!