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    An Interesting Viewpoint

    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

      I recently met with a number of my old college friends, and we got to discussing what we were doing and where we were vacationing.  A few friends volunteered that they were traveling using ABB and VRBO.  Great!  Potential guests!  So I asked how that was working out for them....


      What did they care about?  What was getting their backs up? What led to an hour long discussion/diatribe?


        THE FACT that Owners were going to rate them as guests. 

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          So they're worried about being sucky guests?  Please don't refer them to my property .


          Seriously, bad guests who know they are bad guests are the ones with throwaway email addresses anyway and the review follows their email, not their physical bodies.  But it'd be cool to have sucky guests be forced to walk around with a 2-star halo...

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            bobbie32 Premier Contributor

            And frankly that is what I hate about being an owner...THE FACT that guests are going to rate us as owners.  I think it is truly a game that is used to get what someone wants - money back or whatever.  I also don't trust reviews since I (as a renter) have been burned by them and know many are fake.  But unfortunately reviews of both guests and owners are here to stay.  I frankly don't know where we are headed with everyone judging everyone in one way or another.  Sad...very sad... But that is also why we are getting out of the business after almost 25 years.  Too old for all these shenanigans...

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              sage Senior Contributor

              These potential guests who object to VR owners rating them would probably also complain if Home Depot or Amazon started rating them as shoppers, and making those ratings available to other retailers who might then decline to do business with them.

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                thaxterlane Premier Contributor

                That's very interesting . . . and I wonder why they have concerns.


                I've stayed in several short term vacation rentals and I never worried about being rated by the owner/manager. 


                I treat a property as per the owner's/manager's rules, and i apply my own common sense, and I am confident I haven't anything to be concerned about.


                Travelers should be certain to review all property and rental materials and ask about any practices or rules they believe will present an issue for them.


                I personally am not a fan of a rating system for guests nor owners . . . it's completely subjective and without any independent and/or objective measures.  It may also be misused, especially by travelers. 


                The most basic concern I would have - if listed on sites which require an exchange of reviews:  my rating of excellent could be your rating of average or above average - we will never know - and we will operate as if a deeply flawed system has validity. 

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                  twomoreyears Senior Contributor

                  I understand their point, actually.   We rented a place through VRBO over Christmas (just my hubby and me).  I tiptoed around, cleaned up the bathroom after me every time I used it (ground floor, totally tiled in, so a little water wouldn't cause damage), was sure to wash the dishes every night - basically had to take care of the place like I was at my own home. It's what I paid for, and I knew the rules, but I certainly was hoping for a more "vacation-like" experience where someone else took care of me more.  (To be fair, we had just stayed at an all-inclusive resort the prior week).


                  However - it's really interesting what they didn't mention - the service fee.  I suspect they just find a place that is in their budget for the total price and don't pay much attention to whether the money goes to the owner or to HA/Vrbo.


                  I think you make a good point that may have been missed - what we think others will find important may be completely immaterial to them!