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    With No Notice -- Vrbo is Overriding My Configured Tax Rates and They Are Wrong!

    mtnmama3740 Contributor

      You'd think Vrbo would have learned with the Service Fee surprise strategy and given notice that they would soon start collecting taxes on my behalf, and maybe even give a preview of what they would charge.  That would keep me from fumbling with a guest this evening to explain that the quote I just sent was about $100 short. 


      There are two issues.  The more critical issue is that I have no way to quote, and get payment, for the 6% hotel/motel tax that my county charges since Vrbo has taken away the option for me to add a tax.  Would that have been so hard to leave the ability to configure a tax if you weren't going to collect ALL the applicable taxes?  The other issue is that a city tax is now levied, even though my property is not within city limits and not subject to the tax. So that raises my rates unnecessarily by 1%.

      I called Premier CS and was told that I'd just have to request a payment after the booking for the hotel/motel tax.  Yea, THAT will go over like a lead balloon with the guest.  "Oh, by the way, your vacation is going to cost 6% more than advertised."

      I've hidden my listings until this gets sorted out.  This is ridiculous.