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    Payment processor -- no disbursements made?

    villabartol New Member

      According to HA, we have been disbursed four payments since 4/26.  We have not received ANY deposits to our bank account since January 2019.  So HA directed us to the payment processor who wants us to prove we received the january payments ... which are not even in dispute … I am concerned that these funds are now gone.  One guest has already stayed and gone home.  Another is coming up soon.  has anyone else had a similar experience where HA says funds have been remitted but blamed the payment processor?  We're missing nearly $8000.  We have an inquiry pending with the payment processor, but to date the communications have not been productive and there appears to exist a language barrier.

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          Welcome to the evil side of Yapstone.  There's an HA team that's supposed to be there to help with them, but they're often ineffective.  Best you can do is log a CS call, ask to escalate it, keep track of the call tracking number and then pass that tracking number to one of the moderators to provide some periodic feedback.


          It's possible they have the wrong bank info on file for you, have them confirm that that's not the issue.