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    Traveler doesn't make second payment

    ladysoc Contributor

      Has anyone had any experience with a traveler not making the second payment? And, if so, what was the recourse (beyond not renting to them)? My situation: Traveler did not make second payment and now is cancelling reservation, with just a few weeks' notice (so unlikely to book at this late date). Thanks!

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          Once they have canceled, they will be refunded in accordance with your cancellation policy unless your policy is no refunds.

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            greggt Senior Contributor

            Happened to us twice,. both time despite numerous attemptsmpts to contact them, I moved their dates to some obscure time within their cancel period. For some strange reason, once they received notification of their dates being moved, they came up with their final payment.

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              ambidextrous Active Contributor

              First Q: How long has it been since they're in default? I have had plenty of people be late on second payments, and I don't worry much about it. They pay eventually.


              Second Q: What have you done to contact them? This could be an oversight, there could be a family problem/illness. Most people do not want to forfeit a deposit.


              Third Q: Did they sign a contract that tells them what happens when second payment is not made? For the future, you may want to include something like what I have, which is a statement in the terms that persons who miss the second payment are in default. Owner will attempt to contact them, but if in default for seven days, the contract is cancelled with no refund to the guest.


              I don't know if you can successfully sue them for the second half of the rent. Sort of depends on what your contract says, but I know for certain that I would not want a guest who was forced to pay and stay in my home under threat of legal action.