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    Is VRBO running a "test" on randomly changing the lead photo?

    timthek Active Contributor

      I saw on a FB group there were complaints about a number of listings where VRBO has chosen to display a random photo instead of the listing's selected primary photo. One had a bathroom sink, one had a kitchen table, I saw another one was a shot of cramped bunk beds in a dark room.One of mine was two kids running on the beach. Not that mine is a bad photo, but it is NOT what I chose as MY lead photo on MY LISTING. Maybe I should consider myself lucky that they didn't choose a bathroom photo for mine.



      Is this another VRBO "test"?


      If so, who is the genius behind it?


      And do you really need to test that? I can tell you the answer...... a randomly selected picture of a kitchen table or a bathroom sink isn't good for business. I don't need a test to tell me that.