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    N. Myrtle Beach Nourishment ruins summer vacations

    planthealth Active Contributor

      I applaud NMB and Horry Co, SC for their stealth implementation of the destruction of tourists vacations to the Grand Strand.


      The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District, will begin a storm damage reduction project in North Myrtle Beach on May 13th.


      The nourishment will include approximately 2.7 miles on North Myrtle Beach including from Ocean Creek Drive (past 48th Avenue South) northward to 43rd Avenue South.


      The project is anticipated to take 30-45 days and will then transition to Garden City. This storm damage reduction project is 100 percent federally funded as a result of impacts from Hurricane Florence.


      Pipelines running along the beach outside of the fenced area can safely be crossed where the contractor places crossover sand ramps over the pipes.


      So while the beach is "open" you can sit behind the view blocking rusty pipes or you can sit in the surf in front of the pipes if you are not physically disabled and can get over the pipe.

      I posted links to the only article I found on it on the Grand Strand STR owners FB page I started. Now I am trying to figure out what to tell my angry guests when they arrive tomorrow.

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          timthek Active Contributor

          I can't speak specifically about the NMB area, but typically these nourishment plans are laid out months in advance, if not over a year. While specific start dates may not be set that far in advance, the general plan usually is. We had it done in NJ 2 summers ago. It was highly publicized and most people were well aware. I notified my guests well in advance that their beach access might be impacted. Fortunately for my guests, my beach area was completed prior to my guests' arrivals. There were other parts of the island that were not so lucky. Where we are, they would close about 3-4 blocks of beach at a time....meaning guests might have to walk 2 blocks left or right to access the beach. And yes, in some cases there is a large metal pipe running across the beach. It was certainly an inconvenience but I don't think it ruined many vacations. I can't say as much about the people with beachfront rentals that had a 24/7 construction operation in front of their houses. That would STINK.

          They did the same thing in NC 1-2 summers ago right before we arrive for our vacation. Thankfully the project was done before we arrived so it didn't affect our stay. That said, I was well aware of it from the news, but neither the owner nor the real estate company made us aware in advance.


          I think the key is being informed and making sure your guests are making an informed decision as well. I doubt this project just popped up out of the clear blue. The Army corp of engineers don't operate that way. And the dredging companies don't just show up on 2 weeks notice. This stuff is planned out months in advance.

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            margaret CommunityAmbassador

            planthealth What is the name of your FB page? 

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                planthealth Active Contributor


                I check the NMB FB account regularly, and the tv station news about once a week, NOTHING. From the ONE article from the ONLINE newspaper article I found on it, it appears it was to be started in December.

                The pipe that goes into the ocean is right near our beach access,so until they change where they are getting the sand from, we are stuck with pipe where our guests would want to go, and constant beeping of trucks backing up.

                Our guests TYPICALLY are pretty understanding, I am just shocked this is supposed to continue along the NMB area until 4th of July.

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                georgygirl1955 Senior Contributor

                Tell them :

                it is a result of impacts from Hurricane Florence.

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                  moosebigd Active Contributor

                  Our condo is in the north end of Myrtle Beach which underwent the beach nourishment last fall.  Yes, it does involve a lot of equipment and disruption to the normal tranquility of the beach.  However, it is also a very interesting project to watch.  Our fall guests were intrigued by the activity and delighted by the shells and fossils that were dredged up from the ocean.  Conch shells were a dime a dozen!  Dredging involved only a few blocks of the beach at a time and it was not difficult to relocate to a nearby accessible beach.

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                      planthealth Active Contributor

                      I think they finally finished in front of us. I guess Horry Co was too busy talking about hurricane season to post anything. I hope you join our FB and we can keep each other in the loop for things like this.

                      Guests expect us to know things like we live there and even someone like me who tries to ACTIVELY look at news there never caught wind of this!

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                      scowol Active Contributor

                      I can feel your frustration as you seem like a caring owner who wants your guests to have a memorable stay. The good news is that in my experience and in general, I think most people tend to be understanding about certain types of unavoidable issues that are clearly not YOUR doing.  


                      I have two VRs in different parts of a town, and the streets directly in front of both houses had a MAJOR infrastructure water main line and sewer line replacement.  When I learned of this, I was convinced my guests would similarly feel their vacation was "ruined" and leave 1-star reviews after listening to jackhammers, trucks with annoying beepers every time they went into reverse (which was every 32 seconds for hours on end, crews yelling, etc.).  I just bit the bullet and sent them an email to explain what was going on, and to let me know if they had any questions or concerns.  I expressed empathy, and demonstrated genuine concern for their enjoyment.  I think that helped as to my surprise, the guests at both houses left 5-star reviews.


                      Travelers know we don't "own" catastrophic weather events, infrastructure work, or neighboring construction.  Sure they can be a bit of a damper or make the vacation less than "perfect."  So just be up front, tell them what is going on, and direct them to areas of the beach that do not have work going on and to follow the other beachcombers and swimmers.  Sure it's an inconvenience, but it won't RUIN their vacation.