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    How travelers search and book

    amanda_ha HomeAway Employee

      Here's a great infographic for all of our new hosts to better understand how travelers find and book vacation rentals.

      Learn more about the process here.

      Onboarding-Graphic (1) (1).png

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          ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

          This is a very nice infographic.  Is it possible for it to be optimized for readability by a person who is visually challenged?  The gray text and pale colors used are very difficult to see.  I would appreciate Vrbo taking into consideration the use of their website by persons with disabilities.

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            u0999 Premier Contributor

            It is either not there or I cannot see it - HOW do travelers search? Where is the part when Lola decided to go on vacation to X and how did she search for X.


            How she enters dates etc.


            We have long asked to give travelers a search option like "any 3 nights available between June 1st and Aug 10th" plus normal filters (location, number of people/bedrooms etc).

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              twobitrentals CommunityAmbassador

              Amanda....many of the owners of VR’s are also guests in other homes. So, I use ALL the filters to find exactly what I want.


              When I first use Vrbo 10+ years ago, I used the Vrbo search, found a property and booked......No longer.


              Now I realize that this is not the type of information that you were looking for, but I think that the more familiar that guests become with all the filters the more they will use them.


              For me is isn’t about the booking process but about the property I am choosing.

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                ambidextrous Active Contributor

                At the risk of beating the dead horse -- I think we all know how people contact us and the choices offered to book instantly, etc. etc. And, your "how they search" is really only an overview of why certain properties do better or worse in page ranking in the search -- not how they got those search results. Back up one step and tell us that.


                What would actually be interesting would be how many people in my town, for example use a filter for certain features of the home... like they want tennis, or a hot tub, or a full size washer/dryer. How many of them search with specific dates, what's the bell curve look like for number of beds requested (should I add a sleep sofa to get more guests? Yes, no?)


                Now, when you go tell the marketing team that we want to know this stuff, they'll probably tell you that this is top secret and they can't just tell us, their partners,  because some sneaky guy from Air will come and steal their intel. Tell them, that ship has sailed and the hearty types who have not switched over to Air already could use a little help.