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    Ring door bell

    bettywha Contributor

      i just installed ring door bell aftee booking, did not disclose in the lease,

      is this OK? Or I need disable ring door bell when there is guest?

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          green_mango Active Contributor

          In your shoes, I'd just include in the welcome info that you send to the guest a quick line saying you recently added a Ring doorbell just to make them aware of the audio/video recording and reassure them it's only for the exterior.  In the meantime, add the info to your listings and contract. 

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            wildiris Active Contributor

            You should definitely inform guests in your rental agreement about the presence of any surveillance cameras on the property and tell them where the cameras are located and what is in the line of sight of the camera.  No cameras should be inside the house. You shouldn't have any exterior cameras where guests have a "reasonable expectation of privacy."  As you added the Ring doorbell after the guest signed the rental agreement, I would inform the guest in writing about the camera and tell them that you are turning it off during their stay.

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              wildiris Active Contributor

              If the Ring camera has audio capabilities, I think there are more restrictive laws about making sound recordings.  Even though it's on the outside of the house, the door bell could pick up conversations of the guests inside the house if the door was open and when guests are outside.  Check the laws of the state where your rental is located.  Audio recording when guests are present may be against the law.  Even if it's not against the law, I certainly wouldn't want to stay at a rental where the owner could listen to my conversations.

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                bettywha Contributor

                Thanks, guess will take out battery so it won’t work or just tame ring door bell off.

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                  bettywha Contributor

                  Do Hotel have camera with recordlung capability at walkways? So install a camera can not record audio? need Know if they brought more people or pets

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                    ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

                    Hotels have cameras in public areas.  They are permitted.  I believe that they are video, but not sound.


                    Tell your guests that you have a ring doorbell.  Put it in the paperwork.  You may also want to tell them that there are no other cameras or recording devices in the property, unless you have provided an Echo Show or Google Home device.  I used to have a camera on the computer in my VR so that people could Skype while on vacation, but removed it when a guest complained about the possible privacy issue.

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                      greggt Senior Contributor

                      Nothing unusual about this. Just be sure that it does not point inside and you note that "for their safety, you provide exterior surveillance cameras. I would only have video, no sound though.

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                        green_mango Active Contributor

                        I don't say it's for their safety - I don't want to plant any idea that the area is not safe for guests. 

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                          wildiris Active Contributor

                          To the best of my knowledge, hotel surveillance cameras are only video cameras and do not have audio capability.  Also, they are only located in public areas of the hotel where guests do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. 

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                            green_mango Active Contributor

                            In my state (CA) you have to post a notice if there's audio recording, so I bought a sign on Amazon and posted it in an inconspicuous spot just advising of audio & video recording.  It's not been an issue for any guests.  Many don't even notice.

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                              wildiris Active Contributor

                              Here's a link to an article about audio recordings in California.  I don't know what California statute you are referring to about being able to have audio devices as long as you provide notice that they are there.  According to this article, you must have the consent of all parties to the conversation.  If you don't, you could be subject to both criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits.


                              California Recording Law | Digital Media Law Project

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                                green_mango Active Contributor

                                The sign is one of the ways we have consent - it's intended for people coming to the door who aren't guests and haven't explicitly agreed via our vacation rental agreement.  It's simply erring on the side of caution, in an effort to follow CA's two-party consent rules, but yes, there is no specific statute requiring a sign - just the advice of our attorney who helped with our agreement. 

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                                  wildiris Active Contributor

                                  It's good that you consulted with an attorney about this.  I doesn't seem to me that notice of the audio surveillance equals consent to the audio surveillance.  What does the notice say?  Does it say something along the lines of "If you are entering these premises you are giving your consent to possibly have your conversations monitored?"  If that's the case, I would think that the sign would have to be in a very conspicuous location.

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                                    green_mango Active Contributor

                                    I don't remember the exact verbiage of the sign, but it does mention both audio & video recording.  I'm simply not that worried about it - it's all exterior, where no expectation of privacy, and the cameras are noted on listings and contract.  With the huge growth of Ring & Nest cams etc., it's pretty much expected at vacation rentals these days, and is nothing out of the ordinary. 

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