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    Can we please fix the additional payment request process??!!

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      So, I had a guest request an additional night.  No biggie, this should be easy peasy.  Easy, yes, convoluted, also yes.


      DEAR VRBO...  If I already have my daily rate set up as taxable at 11%, why oh why, when I increase by one additional night do you only offer to push a payment request for the rate, not the rate plus tax? 


      And why oh why are my only options "yes", or "no thanks?"  How about an "edit amount" option?


      So, when you click "no thanks" it takes you to the reservation page, and you have to scroll down to the very bottom and click "add payment request" which takes you to a screen that allows you to add notes and your amount and pick from a select drop down list, none of which includes "add extra day."


      But wait, there's more, WHILE YOU ARE DOING THIS VRBO very thoughtfully sends an email to your guest FOR YOU, telling your guest their reservation has been updated.  Now, we weren't DONE updating the reservation, oh no, we still had to do that extra step of generating and sending the payment request, a step that should have been included with that email telling them their reservation has been updated.     Ok, fine, nothing I can do about that now, I click on the button to send the extra payment request, KNOWING that that will generate yet another email from VRBO, and it immediately does, a payment request email.


      So after all this I feel compelled to send an apology for all the emails email, but I'm hesitant to send this, because I also have to send an addended contract email.   All these emails don't include the 3 back and forth about guest wanting an extra night and me confirming.


      Can we please oh please streamline this process?  Or better yet can you please give the owner the ability to properly make a change on a reservation and send a new payment request in ONE STEP??


      And yes, I did submit feedback.  I suggest that we all do that as well.  This seriously needs an edit.