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    No refund cancellation question

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      Since I am on Community here and my neighbor isn't, I was chosen to ask his question, hehe.  He has a high-end house as me, his rates are over $17,000 per week. He got a reservation for President's week next year, advised the renter to get trip insurance due to his no refund cancellation policy-grandparents are paying, kids and their kids are coming. Yesterday, he gets an email saying one of the kids is in the service and will be out of the country next year or he doesn't know where he might be. My neighbor feels badly about the no refund policy, he tells the renter that because of the situation he can move the week till 2021 or later in 2020 and if it's a cheaper time he wants to come, no problem, he will refund the balance. The renter says no thanks, nothing is guaranteed when you have a child in the military....then why did you book and not take insurance after it was recommended?


      President's week is very expensive everywhere, my week is already booked, who knows if he can book his now.


      The grandfather is fine with him keeping the deposit but again, you try to help people, they decline and then you feel guilty about doing what your contract says? I told him not to feel guilty.