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    If this is true , the CS procedures need updating?(cancellation) - help?

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      yesterday I get a reservation request that Shows "Expedia". A little strange specifying 2 people when my place sleeps 10 but I go through my usual steps of requesting e-signing rental agreement and ID.


      This is what I just received in response to the link asking to e-sign the Agreement.


      I had NO contact from them via my VRBO dashboard. 0. nada.


      Questions arise -

      • does their Expedia or Travelocity  dashboard allow to request cancellation (this is well within full refund period)?
      • Why is the CS giving them bad advice? I a m NOT, repeat, NOT taking a ratings hit by cancelling a reservation that I did not initiate. I already had a bad advice last month on my other property where CS told me to cancel even though the other CS said I should have told the renter to cancel ( I had septic issue).
      • I do not like this idea of people booking our properties on hotel websites. I have no idea what my listing looks like but if it is anything line booking dot com does using crude algorithm to concoct a description from the list of amenities and omitting real description and house rules, it is counter productive.


      It is not a hotel. it is not even  efficiency condotel with 100s of same units. Mine are whole house form 2000 to 2300 sq ft and should not be  booked on a whim (and canceled on a whim) wither.