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    Beware of a Craigslist scam that is going on in Myrtle Beach, SC.

    myrtlebeachgirl Contributor

      I had the scam happen to me end of last year and now another friend had it a month ago.  Scammers copy your photos and information and post your unit on Craigslist for a great price.  They collect the money via, Paypal, check or cash.  Mine collected through Paypal.  They will actually send you a rental agreement with your unit number and information.  They say they live in the city of their rental and will deliver the key themself upon arrival.  They will not answer the phone but will text.  I kept them texting back and forth for a couple weeks as an interested person wanting to rent their unit.  I reported it to Paypal and they confirmed that the scammer collected money via Paypal 3 times.  Plus I had 2 contact me that thought something was not right, one of them paid for the unit.  I also reported to Myrtle Beach police, the city where their area code was from and an internet scam website.  I was more worried that these poor families were going to get to my unit during the busy season and not have a room to rent.  I had a couple friends ask them for their contracts to see what else I could learn about them.  They sent one contract with another unit number, so now they are involved.  One contract came in by mistake with a Kauai address.  Now I know they are doing this in Hawaii also.  I went into all the Craigslist rentals in Kauai and found them again with all the same info. 


      I'm sure this goes on everywhere but wanted to share about Myrtle Beach and gives a head's up.  If you are renting in a certain city just check out Craigslist and if you see your photos coming up, it's not good.