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    PayPal will STOP refunding processing fees along with refunds starting May 7

    swlinphx Premier Contributor

      At first PayPal's limit to allowing refunds (with processing fee returned) was 60 days.  I was delighted a couple years ago when they extended it to a whole 6 months (although VRP seems to have no time limit on refunds with processing fee returned to merchant).


      They did raise international rates to 4.4% a while back but I never thought they would stop refunding fees all together, at least within the allotted six months.


      How many of you bill customers using PayPal invoices or even just requesting payment.  How do you handle processing fees?  How much will this new rule impact you, if at all.?  Any solutions?  I think I will push for free payment by Zelle (no charge to sender or recipient).