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    Yapstone chargeback issue refunding deposit

    securerealty New Member

      This company is the worst... I had a guest stay with me and chargeback the reservation they claimed they never made.  Gone through the first round with merchant and of course they are still challenging.  I can eat the reservation and move on which seems to be what most people do but I charge a 1k security deposit which we of course never get deposited into our account but with the chargeback Yapstone pulled it as well as the reservation cost out of my account.  Now im not only out my reservation but also 1k for the deposit.  Anyone have this issue and have managed to get these idiots to realize they took more than they deposited in?  Im literally at my end with both Yapstone and VRBO and about to pull my properties to only deal with Airbnb exclusively which more than keeps our properties full






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