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    Responding to Late Check Out Request

    watersedgelakemitchell New Member

      I recently had a returning, 5-star customer request a late checkout.  Our normal checkout is 11:00 am or before.   assuming she wanted an extra hour or two, I told her we could accommodate her at no extra charge.  However, she said she wanted to check out at 6:00 pm.   I explained to her that a checkout that late would cause us to have to reschedule cleaning to the next day and we would lose a nights rent.  Therefore, we could accommodate her at a charge of $87.50, 50% the nightly rate. She was offended and has not responded to my quote or calls.


      How could I have handled this situation differently?  Is 50% of the nightly rate unreasonable?

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          margaret CommunityAmbassador

          I don't think it is unreasonable at all. The guest wants to stay an extra 7 hours which would make it impossible to rent that night. I often have repeat guests, I try to give them a few perk when possible but it has to be within reason.

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            ladysoc Contributor

            More than reasonable. At least she asked about late check out. One of my guests wrote me a long and lovely email for their plans for the day of check-out, including checking out in the later afternoon (my check-out is at 10 am).

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              feibus Senior Contributor

              If she's not responding, how do you know she's "offended"?  She could just be trying to figure out an answer and whether that extra money is worth it or if they can find something else to do instead.


              I only give 2 hours leeway.  Period.  After that, if they want to book the extra night, it's full price.  I'm not running a hotel with lots of extra rooms or extra nights somehow available by magically stretching the calendar.

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                calicalling Active Contributor

                I think your offer was very fair. That said, it's a complicated thing that I'm trying to sort out for myself...


                I've had an increasing number of requests for early/late in/out. IMO it's related to the blurring of the lines between what we do, and what hotels do.


                Arranging early/late check ins creates a ton of havoc for a crew that is moving between geographic locations/units (sometimes in 3+ feet of snow in my location) not just pushing a pre-loaded cart 20 feet to the next hotel room. If it is back to back day, I've started flat out saying no.


                When I can (because the night before or after isn't occupied) I try to arrange free 1-2 hour check in/out.


                But here's what I've been sending recently--  based on advice I got on a FB group. My experience thus far is that guests only want what they can get for free. Maybe 1/10 wants to add the night or the paid time.


                -------------------------------- This is an example of what I send: ----------------------------------

                As for a late check out we have several options:

                1. Guaranteed late check out-- you can opt for our 'flex checkout' which is less than 1/2 the nightly rate. With this option you can check out anytime up until 5pm on the day of your planned checkout. Cost $199


                2. Add the extra night at almost 25% off -- you can add the night of March 2 and have use of the condo until March 3 at 10am. Cost $450


                3. If the night of March 2 is not booked before your stay, I can offer you a complimentary 1 hour late check out to depart at 11am rather than 10am. I will not be able to confirm that until the day before your checkout.



                Hope that helps.

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                  ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

                  Our check-in time is 4:00 PM.  Checkout is at 10:00 AM.  I am a drive to destination.


                  Any time I have been asked for early check-in, it is only accommodated if it is not back to back and not before 1:00 PM.  That includes people with children who need to nap.  Book the night before if you need to cater to your nanny and infant.  (Yes, I have had that request).


                  Late check-out must be by Noon.  Any time later than that (especially if it is after the regular check-in time) it is recommended that the guest add a night at full price. 


                  I have not offered a half price night (before or after) since the couple who were approved for a 1:00 PM check in showed up at 2:00 AM because they wanted a head start....my security resident thought we were being robbed between guests.

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                    hmmmm Senior Contributor

                    Also, keep in mind, its kind to be kind to you too.

                    You never know if something might be going on that might take extra time to deal with when they vacate....


                    If you have someone arriving, the start of their vacation is urgent that day, not a late check out for a guest.

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                      mauitime103 Contributor

                      We often have back to back guests so on our website, we include,

                      **Late check out fee must be negotiated in writing, at the time of rental."  and

                      CONSIDER THIS: If you have a red eye flight home, book your departure night to stay stress free as long as needed that evening.  You'll be glad you did.

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                        hill5185 CommunityAmbassador

                        If I have availability I am willing to be flexible.

                        1. I rarely have availability

                        2. I don't try and explain - on back to back changeover days there is no additional time.


                        I will allow people to drop luggage and access the ocean prior to arrival with understanding there is no access to the house. So far so good.

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                          green_mango Active Contributor

                          Very fair offer - I have standard rates set for this so there's no negotiation - $100 for early check in (10am or later) & $100 for late check out (until 5pm).  Both are subject to availability within a few days.

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                            thaxterlane Premier Contributor

                            Always ask for details before agreeing to a request, early check-in and late check-out have various interpretations . . . Your offer is very reasonable - but, you did agree to a late check-out at no charge . . . it's "on you" to have asked for the specifics before agreeing to the guest's proposal  . . .  I'm sorry if this seems harsh. 

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                              vrdoctor Senior Contributor

                              We advertise early check-in or late check-out for $100 fee.  It's about half of our nightly rate so it is more than reasonable but it also keeps people from requesting early/late check in all the time unless they really need it.

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                                tahoelodgingonline Contributor

                                I include language in my rental agreement discussing why it is important for guests to abide by check in and check out times.  I explain that during these times my crew readies the homes for the next guest, I or my agent inspects them, and we perform maintenance or I enjoy the properties myself.  I suggest that if they want to check in early or check out late, the only way to guarantee that is to book an additional night.  I then explain that if they don't want to pay for an additional night, they can wait until about a week prior to their reservation and see whether the preceding night (or following night) is booked and if not, they can request 4 additional hours for a fee ($100 for Tahoe and $150 for Maui).  I note that it is not likely I'll be able to accommodate these late requests because I generally book 90+% of available nights. 


                                In practice, if I like the guests and am not taking much of a risk of losing an additional booked night, I may waive the $100 or $150 fee because doing so tends to add more value for the guest than I'd get from the charge, and tends to result in happy guests that leave glowing reviews and return for future stays.


                                However, I tend not to cave in to people that seem to expect more than they are paying for.  I don't necessarily want those people back.

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                                  scowol Active Contributor

                                  After playing the early check-in / late check-out game for a few years, I stopped them entirely.  Too many times the guest would request (rather, demand) to get in early or stay late.  No matter how much I tried to squeeze them in, or make accommodations to please them with an hour here or there, it was never, ever good enough and never, ever long enough.


                                  Now, I simply don't offer them-period.  I set IMMEDIATE expectations on check-in and out times. I tell the guests that my cleaners can ONLY clean the house between the hours of 11:00 am. and 3:00 p.m. That's how I'm set up, and there are zero exceptions to their schedule.  By stating this fact, I've never had any push back and the check-in/out times have been respected by my guests.  In fact, my cleaners need to count on their schedule and my home is not their only rental to clean in town.  So they appreciate knowing they can also count on showing up at the house at 11:00 a.m. and I get great service from them.


                                  Everyone is happy when expectations are firmly, but politely, communicated and reaffirmed from the get-go.  Absent that, it's just a headache and guests end up getting disappointed regardless of how much you try to accommodate them.

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                                      hmmmm Senior Contributor

                                      Could not agree more.

                                      What I do, that works for me.  On the day of their arrival, if we, housekeeper and I finish early, I call them, if they are in town and just killing time, I invite them to come early.


                                      No expectations no pressure for me or them

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                                        euster2001 Contributor

                                        Love, love your answer. I am Rehoboth too. I now put beach chairs at the end of the driveway with " not ready until 3" signs. One of the reasons is- when I can be down there to check on the houses i want the WHOLE time for me as you have pointed out. Another is that if the guests even pull into the driveway they begin to pile out, and there is usually no stopping them in their happy quest to get settled. If there has been a problem to check out, the checking or the fixing is then cut short. even the routine checking of the house is cut short.

                                            Once a family got there so early the cleaning crew had not even arrived. That was not such a problem that week as we had tidied up pretty well, but by the next week things piled up.

                                          I have also  found that letting guests arrive early does not encourage them to behave any better.Sometimes it is a breaking rules precedent.

                                        Finally, I agree that the cleaners really appreciate knowing when they can come in as their scheduled is, well, usually scheduled.  Cleaning is not necessarily a high margin business  and an unexpected delay or gap can really be ******* them. And you want to keep good cleaners. Your entire rental depends on them!

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                                          bonesxxx Active Contributor

                                          You sold me.  Great response.


                                          I try to be flexible (especially when I don't have another guest arriving or or departing on the same day).


                                          However, I've lost count of the people who REALLY REALLY needed/wanted an early check in only to show up at 5:00 pm anyway (oh, we decided to stop for lunch, to visit grandma on the way, to do our shopping, etc...).  No more rushing to get the lawn mowed or asking my housekeeper to hustle up for me!


                                          Thank you.