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    New Vrbo, same commitment

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      Vrbo Logo_Wordmark_Full Color_On Light.png


      Today we're excited to announce that we've reimagined Vrbo, our strongest and most beloved brand. With a fresh look and feel, we're making big investments to bring you more bookings and deliver new features that make it better for families and friends to plan and book vacations together — while saving you time and growing your business.


      While our look is different, your day-to-day business remains the same.

      Get to know the new Vrbo


      We received several comments from you about our video. We appreciate your feedback, and we’ve uploaded an updated version. You can see it in the Discovery Hub here.


      We also want to reiterate that this is NOT our new commercial; this is a video that was made just for this launch to showcase how much better vacations can be when spent together, under one roof. This video was created for our partners and has not been shared with our broader traveler audience.

      Thank you!

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          Odd question: if that's the new logo, why is the monochrome version being used on the VRBO and admin sites?

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            sunsetsinmaui Contributor

            Seriously?  They produced a video in which they show a child jumping on a couch.  What about respecting the hosts home?  Now I feel like I need to put it in my house rules: No Jumping on Furniture.  I hope people are excited when they arrive at my condo, but I sure hope they are not jumping on my furniture.  It is dangerous and disrespectful.  I can not believe the vrbo would promote such a thing.

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                homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

                Hi sunsetsinmaui,

                Thank you so much for the feedback, we're definitely looking into it. Also, please know that this is not the new commercial, stay tuned to see that early next month!



                HomeAway Community Manager

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                  hmmmm Senior Contributor

                  Agreed, The promos should only show respectful behavior towards the homes.  Show fun outdoors and respectful shots and video indoors.

                  These are the guests we don't want.  The who cares, type fo guests, who cares who rents etc etc.

                  Its a mutual, relationship, the owner and the guests.  Its not all about the guests and their running amuck to have fun.

                  Its not an amusement park its a home.  Big Difference.


                  I suspect the marketing director is young.....and does own a rental.

                  Splashing in pools, running on the beach, playing on the floor etc so many other ways to express fun than disrespecting homes.

                  We have enough of that here as it is.

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                    hickmanhideaway Contributor

                    I saw this previously and verbaly mentioned this to our Premier Partner on the phone. They should NEVER promote this type of activity! These are our homes. Who pays for the damages done? We do. We don't even have a real recourse if there is damage done by the guest because they are the ones who have to agree they did the damage. Stop promoting damaging activity.

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                    georgygirl1955 Senior Contributor


                    Thank you for sharing this news.

                    May I please send feedback to you,  and ask that it be passed along to "the powers in charge" as well as your creative dept?

                    I would like to request that in all future commercials and depictions of VR's,

                    That VRBO would PLEASE REFRAIN    

                    from showing guests behaving in what an owner would consider to be inapproprrate and/or disrespectful behavior.

                    ( such as showing a child jumpiing on furniture ).

                    It is best for VRBO to use it's power and reach to  "teach" the guests how to behave properly and to guide the guest towards understanding that they are in somebody's home and they need to treat the house accordingly and with care and consideration.

                    Children and grandparents also must use their proper grown-up behaviour.

                    Thank you for allowing me to vent.

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                      floridarob Active Contributor

                      And the relegation of the property Owner to a second thought continues.


                      I can't help but wonder how many Owners were consulted on this change?


                      It is not Vacation Rental By Owner any longer!  It is verbo!  As in; We've updated our brand and changed the way we say our name:"ver-boh."


                      Which is completely STUPID with a capital S, pronounced STOOPID!


                      Could you possibly do anything else to make owners feel like they simply don't matter in the equation? Only their properties do?  Just as long as we supply the inventory, carry all the risk, and manage all the costs. Just supply us your house, but "YOU"... get out of the way!


                      Oh my gawd!  This will go down in the annals of business history in the stupid mistakes category... right beside 'new' coke. How dumb could you possibly be HomeAway? Don't you understand when you have an image problem with your owner 'partners'? And how to fix it? Why move in the completely opposite direction?


                      I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the owner focus groups where this was tested!  Oh right... there weren't any!  Or if there were, they were pre-selected lap-dogs who love all things HomeAway because we can't possibly actually stand feedback from people critical of the choices we love to make in complete isolation!


                      Stunned... just completely stunned.

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                        floridarob Active Contributor

                        Oh, and by the way, when you launch a new brand, that is the time that you promote the fact that you have a NEW, BETTER commitment!


                        Many don't want the 'same old' commitment. While the rest of the world is striving to improve and be better, HomeAway is proudly promoting that they are still doing things the same old way.


                        It's time to move on to something better, HomeAway!

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                            moosebigd Active Contributor

                            According to Erinn, they have moved on.  I have resurrected this comment made back in November 2018 (a thread concerning VRBO's collection of area taxes) when I pleaded to VRBO to focus on advertising our properties instead of managing our properties for us.


                            Hi moosebigd,


                            While we understand and appreciate that there are some owners who long for our previous business model, HomeAway/VRBO has not been an advertising venue in a few years now. We've changed our business model to that of an e-commerce platform. We will not be going back to being an advertising only platform. Thanks so much!



                            HomeAway Community Manager

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                                floridarob Active Contributor

                                I meant move on from where they were in 2018. Not back to 2016 or anything earlier. This is moving... just in the wrong direction. HomeAway will never win trying to be like AirBnB. They will win by differentiating themselves from AirBnB, being something better for both owners and guests, and allowing AirBnB to implode on its own under its own unsustainable weight.

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                              db.meyer Senior Contributor

                              Does anyone else remember when VRBO "stood for something" that meant "Vacation Rentals By Owner"?

                              Does Vrbo have a meaning or does it stand for something?

                              Vrbo has always been committed to helping friends and family drop the distractions of everyday life and simply be together; to helping owners and property managers grow their business and welcome travelers into their homes. The new Vrbo represents this same commitment, now with a refreshed look and feel.

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                                ashevillelookout Senior Contributor

                                Not a person over 45 in the commercial....


                                Children running amuck...


                                Not a single mountain view from a  gorgeous deck with early morning coffee....


                                No white water rafting, hiking...antiquing....music on the green...where is my market?

                                Isn't  VRBO about the HOUSE that is available?  More houses, please...


                                homeaway_community_manager, I appreciate all of your efforts, but the company seems to be run by 12 year olds.


                                And pronouncing the name as verb-O makes me think of people who mock persons of Hispanic heritage.  Comprend - O?

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                                  patpat Contributor

                                  This does not look like a fresh clean logo. I am sorry to say it looks like it was designed as a grade school assignment, but that is my personal opinion. I feel the font is juvenile in appearance and the fill in is crazy busy - makes me dizzy and gives me a headache if I look at it too long. I wish it was more professional looking, and I wish we didn't have to live with this new logo. But I guess what is done is done. I also feel that under no circumstances should V.R.B.O./HomeAway ever refer to Vrbo as "verbo". If other people want to call it that to be lazy, fine. But this is V(acation) R(ental) B(y) O(wners)! Let's try not forget that. Let's make the O a bigger part of VrbO! Thank you for seeking input before it made it to "commercial" stage. I also would be horrified if I saw that video on tv with the kids jumping on furniture and running around opening all the drawers. Would much rather see a family gathered around a dinner table and "cleaning" up after the meal like real people do.

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                                      calicalling Active Contributor

                                      I agree that having a kid jumping on furniture may not be a great message, but I don't want to think about cleaning the kitchen. Ever.  but particularly when I'm on holiday. ;-)


                                      And I don't particularly love the new logo, but I do think the logo has a modern appeal and I can see what they were trying to do by creating a single character favicon, like Air's.


                                      What do you feel isn't professional about it? Not challenging, just curious. My son is on a ton of Reddit graphic design groups. He floats all his own ideas & designs there, and for kicks I may get him to float this one and see what everyone says. They will probably like it, since (from what he's constantly telling me about my own logos) modern logos should be uber simple, not include any real text, and have readily recognizable graphics with unique colors.

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                                          patpat Contributor

                                          Remember, I said it was "my personal opinion". I could be way wrong and it could be the best logo ever. It doesn't look as professional to me because I feel it looks "old" and as I said before, juvenile. Perhaps it's the font, which I feel looks like it would be better suited for a coloring book. And I really don't want this to come across as mean. It's just not a crisp, clean image. I do like the color blue. When I studied web design, I learned about colors - blue is true and trustworthy. Green is envy and greed, so I like really the change from green to blue. But those lines were not well thought out, esp. for people who suffer from headaches or eye problems.


                                          I understand what your son is telling you about logos not including real text. It's "brand recognition". When I look at Reddit's cartoon type logo, I shy away. A graphic company with a logo that looks like a 2 year old's toy is not for me. Samsung just sent out an update on their Samsung S9 phones and they have users very upset. All the icons changed to cartoon'ish looking icons. If this is what graphic companies "think" people want, they're wrong when it comes to me.

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                                        kmccor Contributor

                                        I would like a new commitment to owners. 


                                        I would like VRBO, which has always meant "vacation rentals by owners," be just for owners. That means no more listings by hotels, rental companies,  non-owner property managers, and others. Create something else for all those non-owners and make that your change and your new logo.


                                        VRBO has gotten away from its mission and seems to be confused over who its customer really is. There would be no VRBO if it weren't for owners, Yet, it has been trying very hard to make vacation rentals by owners into hotel competition: instant booking, market-maker price setting, non-owner entities flooding the site, constant changes to owner booking platform, ever-increasing fees on owners and guests, commercials that highlight disrespect for people's property, constant "policy changes," customer service that reads from a script instead of helping solve problems, a premier partner program that provides nothing substantial for owners who have been loyal, and on and on.


                                        I'd love to see a true VRBO.

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                                            feibus Senior Contributor

                                            Economically speaking, it's not who VRBO and Homeaway are.


                                            They are here to primarily service their largest and most profitable customers... and that's the guests who outnumber us by at least 20:1 (probably closer to 30:1).  They spend more than we do with Homeaway's sites by a large margin.


                                            We have to be kept happy enough.  And that means that we get enough bookings to stay in business. 


                                            But we're not going to be the target for TV commercials, significant marketing dollars, or anything of that nature.  We're not the big pot of gold they need to get to make their quarterly numbers.