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    Important Tax Updates - Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania

    homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

      This email was sent to all affected partners on 3/20/19.

      Counties included:  Monroe, Carbon, Wayne, Pike, Lancaster, Westmoreland, Allegheny, Centre, Somerset, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Lehigh, Butler, Northampton

      Also included is the City of Philadelphia.

      Thank you.



      Effective April 1, 2019, HomeAway will be required to collect and remit lodging taxes.

      Dear Erinn,

      Due to a law change or a collection agreement, HomeAway will soon be required to collect and remit lodging taxes for all online bookings made in your area. At that time, the tax settings page in your dashboard will be updated to reflect full details about what taxes we’ll be collecting, including rates, taxable amounts, and government(s) requiring the tax. We’ll notify you in your dashboard when this settings page is updated.

      Here’s what you need to know:

      • Lodging taxes will be collected with the traveler’s first payment.
      • You can access a report in your dashboard detailing taxes collected by reservation.
      • HomeAway will remit taxes with its own tax return, but you may still need to file a return.
      • You’re still liable for other taxes like property tax, business tax, etc.
      • HomeAway will handle all refunds of lodging taxes it collects.

      Please note that if you accept a booking prior to the effective date, you’ll still be responsible to collect and remit the lodging taxes.

      READ OUR FAQs > to learn more about lodging taxes in your area.

      Thank you,
      The VRBO Team




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        • Re: Important Tax Updates - Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania
          tinakschmidt New Member

          Hi HomeAway, 


          I was glad to see that HA will now be collecting local taxes in PA, based on Pennsylvania Act 109 of 2018 passed last October.  However, according to this post, my county (Schuylkill County) is not included in the list.  We have a 5% room tax, in place for several years.   The county tax collector has told me that this tax should be among those you collect and remit, based on the new law.  But that is not happening to my reservations.


          I have spoken to customer service twice, and have opened a ticket twice in the last two weeks.  I provided a copy of the law two days ago.  Can you help make sure they correct the problem for my county as well?  I already have one upcoming booking where they failed to collect the tax.  I need that booking fixed and know that future bookings will be correct as well.


          Thank you.

            • Re: Important Tax Updates - Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania
              homeaway_community_manager HomeAway Employee

              Hi tinakschmidt,


              Thank you so much for question. We are currently working through adding many counties in Pennsylvania, this is just the first round so stay tuned.


              Thank you!



              HomeAway Community Manager

              • Re: Important Tax Updates - Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania
                snowshoewvglllc New Member

                Hello we have noticed that WV taxes are being withheld incorrectly.  After repeated attempts calling VRBO the response is this is how WV wants it collected.  However it is indeed incorrect.  In the past we collected 6 % state and 6% local states from our renters.  At this point VRBO is now only collecting the state 6% and leaving us now out of pocket for the additional 6%.  So basically our booking have just decreased by 6% using VRBO versus going with a management company.  In additional to this they are now collecting a 6% on what is called a traveler service fee.  However this service fee is income to VRBO and not to owners.  This fee has also never been collected by VRBO.  This is the major error.  Our renters are now paying a tax that is not actually ever collected by WV.  Furthermore we really need a way to collect this additional 6% local income tax.  I believe the only workaround I see now is halt all instant bookings and redo the quotes until this is resolved.   I am happy to share the numbers so you can see that VRBO is now taxing our renters for the income they are collecting and which has never been a part of the fee structure in the past.  I would appreciate a resolution as other states are getting on their local collections.

              • Re: Important Tax Updates - Multiple Counties in Pennsylvania
                tinakschmidt New Member

                Hi - Can we have an update on this issue for Schuylkill County, PA?  I have reported the problem of HA's failure to collect and remit the 5% hotel tax several times, and I am concnered at the significant delay in resolution (the law became effective more than 6 months ago).