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    How many powerups do you have?

    ohst8er Premier Contributor

      Wow, I officially feel geeky.  I can honestly say I've never asked anyone older than TEN how many powerups they have. 


      But I noticed in the boost thread that a few people mentioned that they have XXX number and wondered aloud, "is that low?"  Well, I suppose "low"  is relative to what others have, and since we don't know what each other has, I thought we'd play a game of, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." 


      I'll go first.  I have 2,682. 

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          moosebigd Active Contributor

          We have a measly 250 Powerups, which is for our one and only property.  Since September, we have a total of about $1000 in Service Fees to VRBO.  It is my understanding that the number of Powerups earned is in direct correlation to the Service Fee  (20% at time of booking and 80% post stay)?  If this is the case, I don't understand Erinn's comment that it is of no benefit to alter our rental fees.


          Does each listing have its own Powerups or are the Powerups for all properties combined and credited to the owner who has multiple listings?

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              scottr Active Contributor

              Each listing has its own pool of Powerups. We don't yet know over what period the initial Powerups accrued.  I just took a booking that is checking in tomorrow, so once they leave I'll check my Power balance and will have a better idea of the conversion rate.

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              calicalling Active Contributor

              I have 6 listings and their PUs vary from 400-1000. I did notice that one of them increased by nearly 1/3 yesterday-- after a check out on 3/4.


              Our calendar books very far in advance... The property with the most points is my least desired, so has had more last-minute bookings than the others, which were booked months ago. So I'm guessing that the period counting toward accrued PUs is very short and may not have captured many of the previous bookings. Total conjecture.


              We also book on multiple platforms and the properties that are most booked elsewhere have fewer PU points, which makes perfect sense.

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                hmmmm Senior Contributor

                My six listings all have different amounts.  But all are somewhat healthy numbers, I guess

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                  dramsey Contributor

                  We have 2875. But just noticed that our listing is now at about #250. It's always been between 1-10. Wondering if this is hurting some of us that have followed the rules, have high market ratings, etc. We are ranked #1 on all the ranking metrics; we have 58 reviews. All reviews are 5 star except for one in June of 2018 and another later in 2018. I am listed as #658 for review average of 4.94.


                  This makes no sense. There are several 1 and 2 star properties now listed before us. Is this because of Boost? If so, not happy. Anyone else have the same problems?

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                      calicalling Active Contributor

                      This was a topic of conversation long before powerups. All 6 of my properties (which all have the same competitive set) are ALL marked #1 for many of the metrics. I also have 150 5 star reviews with all within the 4.9 to 5 star range. But overall rankings range from 200-400/2500.


                      If all 6 of mine are ranked as "#1" against each other, there's no telling how many other listings also share that #1 slot. You may very well be in the same situation. This isn't an artifact of the Boost program. It has been like this for a really long time.


                      My experience in watching the success/failure of my 6 listings as compared to each other is that there are MANY factors that we don't actually see/control/understand that affect ranking. On one listing, for example, I committed the mortal sin of allowing a reservation request to expire. (Long complicated story involving a crazy, uncooperative traveler, but 100% idiotic on my part). I waited on pins and needles for all the advertised terrible things to happen like having my ranking hit, or have my listing hidden. Nothing happened. In fact, it continues to be the highest ranking listing I have. Why? My guess is that it's because it's also the most lucrative for VRBO/HA.

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                      treeguy Contributor

                      Operating in the low rent district I guess...I have a monstrous 86 points!

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                        twomoreyears Senior Contributor

                        None!  And that's just wrong.  We have the 2nd-highest number of bookings for the past year, are ranked 12 in our market (we were ranked 1 until about the same time the Boost system came out and CS can't tell me why we dropped to 12), have the new rates editor, and do everything right. 


                        I called CS and they escalated it to a tech guy, and he said it was a "known bug".  I was looking forward to trying it - we have a couple of "holes" in the next few months and I wanted to try it there.

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                          1500main Contributor

                          I have zero right now.

                          When Boost first started I think I had 950.  Didn't use any.

                          Today I go to Dashboard "You've earned 105 Boost Points"

                          I click the link.  Goes to MarketMaker.  No Boost

                          Go back to Dashboard. No mention of Boost anywhere.


                          Oh well.