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    I'm excited to have my first booking on Expedia! NOT!

    daninpcb Contributor

      I had a guest who was supposed to check in March 2nd-March 9th. Our condo association has a minimum age requirement of 25. This was disclosed the same way as the service fee in December of 2015 in a dropdown in the description. When the guest checks out they agree to Rules and Regulations with NO MENTION of the age requirement. I don't feel like I would have grounds to stand on if they filed a chargeback and I completely understand why they feel scammed and should be refunded. Should I be out the income lost plus a $130 cleaning fee and $20 parking pass for Expedia's mistake? Any suggestions? The Premier Partner CS as well as Expedia was of no help.

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          ohst8er Premier Contributor

          daninpcb, always always always insist that your traveler signs a rental agreement, one that you create SPECIFICALLY for their stay, BEFORE you give them access to your condo.


          And be sure to include all of your rules, with places to initial said rules.  This way the traveler has NO confusion about the rules they are required to adhere to.



          I've had a number of bookings via Expedia.  I'm not a fan of the fact that the info listed on Expedia is inconsistent with what is actually true on my VRBO site, but I've not had an issue with the bookings, nor the travelers.   Once you get ANY booking, from any source, it's entirely up to the OWNER to take charge of what happens after... call the guest, familiarize yourself with them, send them a rental agreement, make sure they sign and initial and send back, etc.