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    Still hitting a wall.

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      Response from the team.
      Remember I am not asking or allowing anyone to book off the platform, only requesting that they Inquire before booking.
      Booking cold in our area is asking for trouble.  We get a lot of summer guests who have been allowed to run amuck with other properties and they think they can do the same with mine.  Hence the careful vetting.  I could care less if they have to pay the Service fee.  That's there cost of doing business with HomeAway.


      I used to have the ability to use PayPal, that's all I can see where they are so upset.  HomeAway took that away even though I was told that If I paid for all 6 listings a year in advance I could keep my alternative payments.  I did then a few months later they took them off the platform.


      Its hard to do the right thing when they accuse you of being a cheat.


      P.S.  I still do not have a phone contact back.

      Yes I am grumpy and are loosing such respect for HomeAway's platform after being online with them since 2003.  Punishing the good guys who are actually looking out for our community by vetting, and only renting to responsible, respectful guests, is so wrong.  Why on earth do they want to take away doing it right?



      Dear XXXXX



      Thank you for removing the content from your listing that we requested. Your listing is back online.


      As a reminder, we are also requesting that you immediately cease directing travelers, via the inquiry system, to book or pay using another method outside of our reservation system. When a listing (including the listing inquiry system) is used to encourage and or advise travelers to avoid making their booking online, it can result in the deactivation of the listing. We monitor listings throughout the year to ensure compliance. Listings in violation of our terms/policies are subject to permanent removal from the site.


      Please know that we recognize that the continued success of you and HomeAway are naturally linked. By delivering great return on your listing investment and offering new products and services, our goal is to help you to get the most out of our partnership.


      Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.





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