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    1099 and Tax questions

    shiplap Active Contributor

      I have not received a 1099 from Yapstone.  Are we supposed to receive one?  Also, for 2018 when pulling a report, I can't get a report that separates the commission (i'm on PPB) and the taxes paid by the guest.  They lump it all in on "fees". Is there anyway to separate this?  Some bookings were through expedia so the commission is higher therefore I can't just take a 5% of the gross amount for service fees.  Help.  Otherwise I have to go reservation by reservation to figure this out. Last year I received a report that had it broken down. 

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          feibus Senior Contributor

          200 transactions AND $20,000 in settled money.  If you reached those numbers, yes, they're required by law to send you one.


          If you look at the payment download, that might have things separated, although the information maybe wrong for the tax fields.  Your best bet as always is to NEVER rely on your vendor for your own accounting information.  That's just a recipe for getting angry with your vendor and not having the information when you need it in the form you need it.