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    Multiple charges on a guest cc resulting in a cancellation

    pschaack New Member


      unfortunately I have a guest that decided to cancel his reservation as he was charged 3 times on his cc by Yapstone (Homeaway's cc provider) instead of one. The 3 payments summed up to 150% of the entire rental instead of 50%.

      Of course he contacted me and since everything looked normal on my dashboard (there was only 1 payment), I recommend he'd contact HM support that wasn't very supportive and did not resolve the issue. He was told that it was on me and that I had to refund the additional payments! He ultimately had to file a chargeback and decided to cancel (after almost a week of back and forth). A few days later the 3 payments landed on my account (even though on the dashboard and the reservations only showed one payment). They were taken back the following day by Yapstone and they charged me 30$ in chargeback fees.

      Now I'm asking Yapstone and Homeaway to take responsibility and as I lost a booking and revenue.


      Has this ever happened to anyone?

      Any suggestions on how to handle this?


      Thank you