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    withholding and remitting taxes, lodging and more, in Italy

    surgerygalore Contributor

      Greetings and salutations, two years since my same question: where do we stand in terms of HA withholding and payment of taxes in Italy.  Dynamics a bit different that in the US, France has been effectively obliging "booking platforms" to follow existing French Law to the letter, i.e., withholding and remitting appropriate amounts. Where do we stand in terms of IT?  Not following sovereign state dispositions on the matter on the grounds that "they might not be in abidance to EU regualtons", which is the answer i received two years ago, becomes a rather tenuous point, in face of the French processes identical to the Italian, and makes it extremely difficult/clumsy for us to compltete Italian taxation requirements.  Namely we end up declaring income for which there should have been a withholding and remittance by the payer, HA, and we can't enter any figure in the payer's remittance!  Turbotax like software goes into tilt and CPAs write 2 pages letters that guarantee you an audit.

      Stata of Affairs on the topic if anyone knows pls, thks in advance