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    How do I get rid of my monthly discount rate (28 nights or more)?

    mvphawaiicondo Contributor

      I have a nightly rate and I have (had) a monthly discount rate.  I don't want to offer a monthly discount rate any longer but it won't go away.  I went to my rate editor and plugged in 0% for the discount (used to be 25%).  When I click "Save" it tells me that my new rate has been successfully saved but when I go to my VRBO site it still allows for the discount.   I called VRBO twice and no one could help me although one person told me to wait 24 hours for the new rate to take effect.  It's been over 48 hours.  It just won't go away and the VRBO CS offer no solution.  Does anyone know what to do to get rid of my 28+ discount?  Thank you.