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    Same property...  two different listing numbers...  duplicate listings shown

    moosebigd Active Contributor

      I've noticed over the last few weeks, a block of approximately 30/240 properties in our community of Myrtlewood Villas (Myrtle Beach) that have no heading other than their listings' address.  The owner/manager is "Property Manager" or "Time Out Florida Villas".  All properties have "Member since 2016" and "Calendar Last Updated Dec. 24, 2018".  They are erroneously listed as studio or one bedroom units.  Each property calendar has 0 dates available.  Many of these units have a duplicate listing with a different listing number.

      My question...  How can a property have duplicate listing numbers?  I contacted CS about this and they said it must be something with my computer because they are not seeing it on their end... imagine that!