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    Safe to assume that TripAdvisor died after prolonged illness?

    u0999 Premier Contributor

      Back in 2014-2015 I was getting fair number of bookings from Flipkey PPB. then they upped the service fee and made it dynamic. I got maybe just a few bookings a year. then I found VHR that at the time was 'subscription" simple listing site only and it basically saved my 2016 amidst VRBO turmoil. Then (last year? ) they merged VHR with TA. inquiries dropped like a rock because TA put sub listings to the bottom. had maybe 1-2 bookings and a few tire kicking inquiries. Come renewal time and they want what? a $700 per listing? of course it is a NO, knowing that subs get NO bookings. So I pretend that I let them convince me to go PPB route. Of course that comes with draconian policing of correspondence, steep anti-owner penalties (like $200 for cancellation), but worst of all, NO traffic. One would think that on PPB they would actually want my listing booked. NOT A SINGLE INQUIRY among THREE properties all with good reviews.


      I am thinking TA got out of VR business and just forgot to notify owners. Else how would anyone explain not even having an inquiry? During the highest booking season. they aren't making any money on my listings.


      Business lesson for the textbooks of the future: how excessive fees , non-transparent way of doing business and draconian treatment of owners killed  a site that had everything going for it to be successful.