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    Why did HA/VRBO remove the ability to print all pages of the reservation?

    patpat Contributor

      I went to print a booking, like I usually do, but could only print out the 1st page, which doesn't capture conversation or payment info. I tried both Google/Chrome and Firefox. I called CS and was told they removed the ability to print more than 1 page because owners had issues with printing. What? Could this be true? And does anyone know if and when this would be fixed? I was told I would have to copy and paste to get a print out. Try that - the 3 pages I usually print copied and pasted into 9 pages! Great! I know, I can easily delete the junk I don't need, but....really???? So now I need to copy and paste, delete junk, go back to the booking, click on edit to see the address, add address on my sheet, go back to the reservation and click on payment detail and put the break down on my sheet. Are they really trying to make things difficult for us??