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    Accuracy of Min Stay Search Metric

    5boys New Member



      Our rental has activity year-round and performs well in all of the metric rankings except min stay.  We have a 2 night minimum for all nights except thanksgiving and christmas and a 3 night for 2 weekends a year.  We are 92% of searches in the last 30 days but are ranked at 1110 out of  2315 properties.  This just seems wrong to me - do most of those 2300 properties have NO minimum stay?  I'm sure they do not...so how can this be correct?  I initially questioned this calculation but was told it wasn't used to determine search criteria.  True or not, I'd like to use the metric and be sure I trust the values.  Has this been evaluated for accuracy?  Anyone else seeing questionable values?

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          susaninrehoboth Premier Contributor

          I haven't evaluated or compared. My metric for minimum search is about 40%. That's fine. Travelers are looking for 2 or 3 night bookings, especially in the summer. I only rent full weeks during high season and am always booked solid.


          Our condo association regs require 3 nights minimum. I could have 80% met criteria on minimum stays by shortening summer weeks or be booked solid back to back. Minimum stay metric will not improve for me. Oh, well.

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            u0999 Premier Contributor

            ahem, I would take most metrics that HA offers with a boulder (not a grain) of salt. What will serve you well is to actually know your market and what your competition does. Not necessarily rely on HA's metrics.

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              ohst8er Premier Contributor

              if your question was, does anyone else actually look at ranking metrics, especially minimum stay searches, or


              does anyone here actually trust  (or care about) the data on ranking metrics, especially minimum stay searches, or


              does anyone just put this stuff on ignore and just go about their day...


              My personal answers would be in this order:



              Absolutely NOT

              and Yes

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                feibus Senior Contributor

                it's an informational metric, not a ranking metric.  It's the relationship between the searches being done and whether you would be qualified based on your minimum night settings for those nights.


                Last week, my homes were both in the 85-88% range.  This week, they're in the 94% area.  I didn't change anything with my rates or get a huge number of bookings in the past week.


                If you don't think the numbers are right, go back to CS, get a ticket, ask to escalate to get a better explanation.

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                  floridarob Active Contributor

                  You never will get a better explanation.  My minimum stay percentage has floated between 52% and 94% in the last six months, and I have not made any changes to my settings. I think HomeAway's calculation of the metric is deeply flawed, however they don't think so.


                  I started an in-depth discussion about this on this forum, by reporting what was explained to me about how the metric was calculated by a HomeAway customer service rep who seemed to be quite knowledgable about it. What they told me was a plausible explanation for how the metric is calculated, and why it produces results that were (in my opinion at least) obviously inaccurate.


                  Now, it would appear that the entire thread has been removed from this site. The last activity on it was a post I made that used information about overnight visitors in my market that I got from the Orlando tourism and convention bureau, and effectively demonstrated that the metric I was being given couldn't possibly be correct. Now the thread is gone, and my own metric has mysteriously jumped by 40 percentage points in a few weeks.


                  I was going to refer you to the discussion, but it appears this can't be done. I do not know what conclusion to draw from the removal of the thread. Yet here the issue is being raised again.


                  If the the metric is truly as unimportant as some have suggested, then perhaps HomeAway could stop bothering to calculate and report it?

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                    twomoreyears Senior Contributor

                    A good number of listings are hotels, often with a minimum of 1 night.  That will skew your rank.


                    I only pay attention to the percentage.  We require longer stays, usually 6+ days unless we have a hole to fill. Our percent is 85%, which means (hopefully) that only 15% of the travelers won't be able to see us in their search.

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                      tnmountainmama Contributor

                      I am not sure what is going on with our minimum stay metric.  It has us listed at 0%.  But then, our property page views are doing fantastic.  We have had 4847 page views in the last 30 days and are ranked 21 of 7734 properties in our area on the property view metric.  We have a high minimum stay for our area, but wouldn't 0% mean we were over everyone's minimum stay or am I misreading it.  Why are we getting so many property views if we are over everyone's minimum?  Confusing!

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                        scowol Active Contributor

                        See the official HA answer answered in this thread:  The specified item was not found.