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    News you can use on the Marketplace Feed!  Info about CO emissions...

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      Some timely information about CO emissions and the dangers.  The ONE key issue this fails to mention is that CO can also be emitted by dirty or faulty furnaces.  That's what nearly led to the death of MY family when I was just a small child.   I'd like to see this information edited to include information about the dangers of old, improperly serviced furnaces, about making sure that fireplaces have the dampers opened properly, etc. 


      The thing that saved MY family was, well, me.  I'm apparently the canary in the coal mine, I am always the first one who reacts to CO, and I was the first one to pass out.  That's what made my parents clue in that something was not quite right.  Had we gone to bed that night, the entire family, all 5 of us, would have died.  Even our dog. 


      Erinn, homeaway_community_manager can we get the people in charge of this to amp up the message, making sure to ADD information about old, faulty, poorly serviced furnaces, and be a bit more aggressive about the actual dangers of this?   This article goes into much more detail about how to install (proper installation height0, where to install (including in the vicinity of the gas furnace, gas dryer, etc).  https://www.safety.com/carbon-monoxide-detector-placement/#gref