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    San Diego - Who pays TOT, Prop Manager or Owner.?

    rjstroebel Contributor

      Hello all,


      Reaching out to San Diego or Cali VR managers for our city specific tax info.


      I own 2 Beach VR's and manage myself.

      I have a friend who owns Ocean Front home and asked me to manage it for him.

      I'm not really looking to manage others VR's but he's been burned badly by Vacasa..So.....my question's are;


      - Regarding the collection of and submittal of TOT to the city of San Diego, Am I  (Prop Mgr) legally responsible ( San Diego only please...) to forward the TOT to the city or can I just include it in the Owners monthly payment and tell him the amount and that he has to send it to the city.?


      Kind Regards,